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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Achillea millfolium L.
    Yarrow ordinary


    the Russian name : a yarrow; the Ukrainian: деревій, krovavnik; the Polish: krwawnik pospoliti.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Achillea millfolium L. - a yarrow ordinary

    a Fig. 1. Achillea millefolium - a yarrow ordinary.

    All the known plant, its elastic stalk grows to 50 the Rhizome creeping with runaways see. The straight line stalk, is a little volosistyj, as well as leaves. Leaves dvojakoperistye. Flowers ordinary white, but meet (seldom pink or a violet shade, small, in many oblong difficult guards. A plant smell balsam, pleasant. Flowers odorous, on taste the bitter. Blossoms from second half of May till the end of summer. It is extended, ordinary on meadows, fields, mezham, at roads, on slopes, bushes, woods.

    Gathering . Flowers collect during flowering, and leaves in the end of April and in May.

    Consider that the plant improves digestion, stops a bleeding, promotes a correct metabolism.

    the Use . The yarrow is used both in scientific, and in national medicine. In national medicine the yarrow is very popular means. It use as inside, and as external means.

    Inside . Tea from yarrow leaves drink at hemorrhoids, chirjah and weak monthly blood. A dose - 30,0 g on 1 litre of water.

    Juice from leaves of a yarrow with honey, on 3 tea spoons in day accept for strengthening of appetite, metabolism improvement, at illness of a liver and female illnesses.

    Naruzhno . The juice which has been squeezed out, of leaves of a yarrow and put on a fresh wound, stops a bleeding and promotes zazhivany. Action of juice concerning healing of wounds very effectively. The old ulcers long suppurating wounds, chiri and so forth successfully recover juice from a yarrow. In winter almost same action as juice of fresh leaves, renders napar from colours of this plant with an impurity 1 / 3 on weight colours of a camomile . In same napare it is good to wash the person, to especially young women. The skin gets velvet and matte colour.

    Small cut leaflets of a yarrow mixed with pounded barley and several grains of bitter pepper, are considered as a fine forage for indjushat.

    We Result some recipes what use in the people, both for internal, and for the external use.

    1. At strong serdtsebienijah drink daily on two wine-glasses of a mild wine in which 24 drops of juice from a yarrow and 24 drops of juice from ruty on both wine-glasses of wine are poured in.

    2. on a body, chiri and rashes as consider in the people it is necessary to treat Spots by blood clarification, and for this purpose use napar from the following mix of grasses: a sage , a wormwood and rosemary on 1 table spoon; a yarrow, juniper berries , a plantain lantsetolistnogo, nettles big , zveroboja and tsentavrii - on 2 spoons; a horsetail - 3 spoons. All mix, take from this mix of 4 table spoons, everyone with top, fill in 1 litre of boiled water and soar the whole night; in the afternoon in 8 receptions drink all this napar.

    3. At a bladder inflammation recommend to drink broth from such plants: a yarrow - 2 table spoons, manzhetki - 1 spoon, a root aira - 1 spoon, birch kidneys - 2 spoons, leaves bearberries - 2 spoons. This mix take 2 table spoons, fill in 2,5 glasses of unboiled water and boil 5 - 7 minutes; put aside from fire and in half an hour filter. All this broth drink for a day in 4 receptions.

    4. Severe pains in a stomach (spasms) calm at the use of tea from a mix of colours camomiles and a yarrow, on 1 table spoon on a boiled water glass. Thus on stomach area put a hot-water bottle.

    5. Tea from colours of a yarrow drink (on 3 glasses in day) at matochnyh bleedings and at krovoharkane

    6. At a stomach swelling very good means considers broth from a mix of following grasses: seeds caraway seeds - 2 spoons, fennel seeds - 1 spoon, yarrow leaves - 2 spoons, small cut ovsjanoj straw - 3 spoons, a root aira - 1 spoon and largely shabby root valeriany - 1 teaspoon. 3 table spoons of this mix, everyone with top, fill in with 3 glasses of unboiled water. Boil 15 minutes. Drink on 3 glasses for a day.

    Some recipes for the external use

    1. At a skin inflammation to a sore point put istolchennye and the leaves of a yarrow transformed into weight or grease these places with ointment from a yarrow: the handful of colours and yarrow leaves pound in homogeneous weight and mix with unsalted baked lard. Also ointment from okopnika in the same way prepares, only instead of leaves and colours take the pounded root okopnika . It is recommended to prepare ointment in the small portions and is better to apply svezheprigotovlennuju.

    2. Often happens that, working in the fields, it is necessary to be wounded. Where that to search? Then search for a yarrow, take its leaves (they are more juicy colours), strong knead in (whenever possible pure) fingers and put to wounds. After that in most cases, it was observed that the wound heals for 3 - 4 - 5 days without a suppuration trace. Even wounds from a cut a sickle which usually quickly nagnaivajutsja and slowly heal, as well as wounds from a cut a knife a plough, an axe, made in the field, in conditions far not sanitary, heal quickly. That is why this fine plant the people named "ъЁютртэшъ".

    Storage . The grass, leaves and the flowers of the yarrow which has been dried up in a shade, are stored in boxes.