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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Asorus calamus L.
    air marsh (or odorous)


    Russian names : air marsh, air odorous, irnyj a root; the Ukrainian: a§r, trostinny, tatarske зілля, lepeha, shuvar; the Polish: tatarak pospoliti, ajer, tatarskie ziele.

    Family : Agaseae - aronnikovye, aroidnye.

    Asorus calamus - air marsh

    a Fig. 2. Асоrus calamus - air marsh.

    Air has creeping, kruglovatoe, a thick rhizome, inside white, soft, spongy, from above yellow or flavovirent. A stalk at the basis reddish with a lilac (often) shade, leaves - with clearly expressed veins mechevidnye linear pointed, fleshy. Blossoms in June. At us does not give fruits, but only in the south of Europe. It is delivered to Europe from Turkey in XVI century. Taste of rhizomes is bitter-burning. A smell pleasant. A plant to all inhabitants of village well-known (on a religious holiday "=Ёюшч№" decorated leaves premises, spread on floors, in court yard and in churches). It is extended everywhere.

    Gathering . Collect rhizomes, digging out them vilami in the autumn or in the spring. Wash in cold water, reject more thin roots, cut on small pieces and dry.

    the Use . The modern medicine uses this plant. It is possible to find oil in drugstores from airnogo rhizomes , tincture and an extract.

    In national medicine the rhizome aira is accepted more widely, than in scientific. Considering air as a fine disinfectant, in the people rinse a mouth spirits tincture from aira at a scurvy, wash the wounds suppurating ulcers, and also chew a root during epidemics of a cholera, the Spaniard (infljuentsa 1919) and a typhus. Tinctures prepare on spirit or strong vodka at a different dosage of the crushed rhizomes aira. Tincture sometimes replace with a solution bought in a drugstore airnogo oils, adding 50 g it to 2 litres of 90% of spirit. For the external use tincture dilute with the cooled boiled water in a proportion: waters of 3 parts, tinctures 1 part. For the internal use use not dissolved tincture and accept it before meal from 10 to 30 drops with water or on a sugar slice: If there is no tincture, use broth 30 g rhizomes on 1 l of water, cook in the covered ware. Both tincture, and broth are applied inside at illnesses of a gastroenteric path, diarrheas, illnesses of bilious ways, at stones of kidneys and at a malaria.

    Rhizomes aira are considered as one of the main components of mixes for baths for zolotushnyh and rachitic children (see "рр§ш= and чюыю=ѕ§р").

    Rhizomes aira also obligatory, a component in vetrogonnyh mixes of herbs.

    At a hair fall 3 times a week wash a head in broth from a mix of equal parts aira and a burdock , adding sometimes in broth pair of handfuls of cones hop .

    Inside air accept in following cases.

    1. At languid digestion drink on 3 cups in day of broth from a rhizome aira: rhizomes 15,0 g, waters 2 - 3 glasses. Cook 15 minutes in the ware covered with a cover,

    2. On my supervision, even very annoying heartburn stops, if on a tip of a knife 3 times a day to accept a small powder from airnyh rhizomes.

    3. Air enters into the mix of grasses applied to treatment of an inflammation of a bladder.

    Naruzhno :

    1. Broth airnogo a root from 30,0 g on 1 l of water of the woman use at illnesses of genitals for sedentary baths.

    2. the Powder from a rhizome aira apply also to powders of suppurating wounds and ulcers.

    3. I quite often had to observe good action aira in a mix with other plants at disease which was expressed in the following: language swelling, and sometimes and cracks on it with a fever, the raised temperature and at the complicated swallowing. In this case 3 times a day rinse a mouth broth from the following mix of herbs: rhizomes aira - 10,0 g, sage leaves - 8,0 g, an oak bark - 10,0 g and leaves big nettles - 10,0 g on 1 l of water.

    4. Air is applied also at a toothache. For this purpose prepare a medicine so: on vodka half-litre in 60 ° take 10,0 g a small powder of a rhizome aira, shake up, a bottle cork up, a stopper tie with a twine. A bottle in standing position obkladyvajut the test also bake, as bread. Vodka broth aira which wine-glass type in a mouth turns out as though and hold on a painful tooth.

    In the people it is accepted to accept the same vodka inside at suspicion on a tuberculosis. In such cases drink on a wine-glass of this vodka before a dinner. If vodka strong, it plant a little with boiled water. People assert that after fortnight reception such airnoj vodka cough becomes soft, there is an appetite and considerably the general condition of the patient improves. Vodka drink only once in day.

    Storage . Not crushed rhizomes aira to store in the flanks imposed inside with a paper.