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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Adonis vernalis L.
    The adonis spring
    (A plant poisonous)


    Russian names : the adonis spring, an adonis spring, zheltotsvet spring, the Montenegrin; the Ukrainian: горицвіт vesnjany, an old oaklet, чорногірка; the Polish: milek wiosenny, gorzekwiat.

    Family : Ranunculaceae - ljutikovye.

    Adonis vernalis - the adonis spring

    a Fig. 84. Adonis vernalis - the adonis spring.

    The Long-term grassy plant in height 15 - 60 sm with the dark-brown, a bit branched out rhizome from which grows on some stalks. These stalks in the inflorescence beginning low - 5 - 25 sm, and then grow to 50 - 60 sm: some of them not tsvetonosnye. Stalks at the basis are covered by brown leaves in the form of scales. Stem leaves sedentary, multiseparate on narrow, linear, naked, tselnokrajnie segments. Flowers light yellow, single on the ends of stalks and branches, large - to 6 sm in width, from below brownish; a cup downy, petals oblong, proerased. Blossoms since early spring to half of May. Grows on dry open slopes, on edges of woods, on wood meadows, is more rare among bushes (especially loves glinisto-calcareous soils).

    It is extended in forest-steppe and steppe, especially chernozemnoj, zones; in the west - places.

    The People collect all grass during flowering, often injuriously and aimlessly pulling out all plant with roots. Dry only in a shade as national experience has shown that the adonis dried up on the sun loses the medical properties.

    The Plant is very popular in the people and vysokotsenno. On Volhynia annually for the personal purposes the people make in its tons. As adonis, and gentians every year becomes ever less.

    In national medicine tea from napara is no more 1 table spoon of the cut plant on 2 glasses of boiled water it is recommended to accept on 1 table spoon (maximum) and not more often as in an hour at warm illnesses, at a nephritic dropsy, an acute inflammation of kidneys, at a short wind, a hypostasis of feet, at infectious diseases (a typhus, a flu, a scarlet fever and so forth).

    The Adonis is the important component in a mix of the herbs applied at illnesses of kidneys.

    At normal work of heart functional departures of kidneys improve also. Time and again it was necessary to notice substantial growth of allocation of urine and disappearance of a hypostasis of feet at otechnyh patients.

    At sharp and chronic illnesses of kidneys the following mix is accepted: adonis grasses - 4,0 g, bearberry leaves - 5,0 g, birch kidneys - 3,0 g horsetail grasses - 2,0. This mix is filled in 300,0 g boiled water, naparivaetsja in an oven 2 hours and then on weak fire are boiled 5 - 10 minutes. Accept each hour on 1 table spoon; the dairy, saltless diet, a confinement to bed and every other day a bath is thus appointed. Broth of the adonis and mixes with it soon spoils (sours), therefore it daily make the fresh.

    Storage . A grass of the adonis is better to store in the wooden boxes which have been laid out inside by a paper.