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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Alchimilla vulgaris L.
    manzhetka ordinary


    the Russian name : manzhetka the ordinary. Ukrainian: privoroten zvichajny, gusjacha a pad, зірочки. Polish: przewrotnik pospoliti.

    Family : Rosaceae - rozotsvetnye.

    Alchimilla vulgaris - manzhetka ordinary

    a Fig. 3. Alchimilla vulgaris - manzhetka ordinary.

    Manzhetka is a plant with a stalk 10 - 30 sm of height, steljushchimsja and dugoobrazno rising upwards, especially during flowering. The bottom leaves on long chereshkah, and top almost without chereshkov; top five-shestilopastnye, bottom - seven-desjatilopastnye. Blades okrugly, gorodchato-pilchatye, from both parties are covered by hairs. It is a lot of colours, all of them very small, greenish-yellow, dense in klubochki. Taste of a plant sometimes bitterish, and in the majority tart, knitting, a smell slabobalzamichesky. Grows on meadows, in groves, on mezhah, pastures.

    Gathering . Collect, srezyvaja plants, during flowering. On a human body operates vjazhushche, otharkivajushche, improves a metabolism.

    the Use . The scientific medicine does not use this plant. The national medicine uses a grass manzhetki in following cases: inside at an indigestion, swellings of intestines and at languid peristaltike guts; at katarah respiratory ways as otharkivajushchee means, and also at a tuberculosis of lungs as the means ostensibly healing cavities.

    For the internal use use a grass manzhetki, boiled in grape wine: 30,0 g grasses on 1 l of wine, especially at cavities in lungs and at diarrheas, on 3 - 5 wine-glasses in day.

    (Cahors wine) from such grasses is possible to stop long proceeding, persistent diarrheas the use of hot broth on red wine: manzhetki, branches chernobylnika ) and altejnogo a root - all fifty-fifty, 30,0 g mixes on 1 l of wine. On an empty stomach drink hot broth of a half-glass, and the broth which has remained from litre divide into 4 receptions and drink hot, each reception in an hour after meal,

    See also about a yarrow item 3 where there are instructions on application manzhetki in mixes at a bladder inflammation.

    Storage . To store in boxes, vystlannyh a paper.