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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Alnus L.


    In the medical purposes in the people it is applied and Alnus glutinosa Gaertn. - an alder sticky and Alnus incana (L.) Willd. - an alder grey. Russian names : an alder sticky, or an alder black, and an alder grey, or white; the Ukrainian: accordingly - вільха klejka i вільха cipa; the Polish: olcha (oisza) czarna and olsza szara, it olsza biala, it olszyca.

    Family : Betulaceae - birch.

    The Alder - shirokoizvestnye a tree and a bush. The alder sticky is more extended; this tree in height 5 - 25 m with dark serovato-brown, and with the years almost black bark. Its young leaves very sticky, old - from above is brilliant-green, stupid. Grows in crude places, on coast of the rivers and streams, on bogs, ravines, about sources in woods. It is extended everywhere.

    The Alder grey - 5-15 m in height with a smooth is brilliant-silver-grey bark; young branches and kidneys serovojlochnye, sharp or pointed, not sticky, leaves from above naked, dark green, from below glaucous-green, tonkovolosistye. Grows on dampish woods and coast of the rivers. It is less widespread, than previous.

    Collect soplodija - "°ш°ъш" a bark and alder leaves.

    Alder Cones collect in the autumn and in the winter, a bark - in the spring, leaves use the fresh. Some prefer younger cones.

    At prostudnyh diseases when in the patient wish to cause sweat, in the people sometimes apply the following procedure: put it on a layer of fresh alder leaves and cover with a thick layer of the same leaves, and from above rjadnom or a blanket. Through short time the person starts to sweat and propotevaet is very strong.

    Such method of a call of sweat is considered useful to patients with weak heart and is applied, for example, at sharp rheumatism, arthritises, a gout, articulate rheumatic pains and so forth

    At long diarrheas, at katare thick guts, pains in a stomach, and also at a dysentery prepare water broth from 50,0 g cones on 1 l of water and drink hot on 3 glasses in day. Some in the same cases apply mixes. Here one of them: young (collected to rastreskivanija) alder cones mix in equal parts with rhizomes lapchatki uzik and roots nettles burning . This mix undertakes 50,0 g on 1 l of water. Namachivajut the whole night, and 10 minutes in the morning boil. Drink hot on an empty stomach the whole glass, and the rest for a day, in 4 receptions.

    Storage . The cones of an alder collected in the end of August, dry up and store in bags.