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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Anagalis arvensis L.
    Internal colour field


    Russian names : internal colour field, kuroslep; the Ukrainian: курячі a point polov і, kurjacha сліпота (the name it in the people is often given also to other plants); the Polish: kurzyslad polny, kurzyslep, kurzymor.

    Family : Primulaceae - pervotsvetnye.

    Anagalis arvensis - internal colour field

    a Fig. 52. Anagalis arvensis - internal colour field.

    Annual (sometimes two-year) the grassy plant with a branchy, tetrahedral creeping stalk, length 15 - 30 see Leaves opposite (less often on 3), sedentary, tselnokrajnie, jajtsevidnye or prodolgovato-jajtsevidnye, from below with black points. Flowers single, in bosoms of leaves on the extended pedicels, red. A fruit - a box, with an opening lid. Blossoms from the end of May almost till the end of September. Grows among rare koloskovyh, winter crops, on fields, at roads, on weed places, on gardens on the loosened soil. It is extended everywhere. Collect all grass in the summer. The plant is considered poisonous; it is dosed out cautiously.

    Napar from all plant in number of 20,0 g on 1 l of boiled water, in reception no more than 3 glasses in day, use at illnesses of a liver, in particular at tumours (when the liver is easily groped, firm), at a jaundice; besides, as means, "шчуюэ ¦Ёхх" sand and stones of a bilious bubble, a bladder and kidneys.

    Same napar in the same dose accept as the means strengthening monthly, and also as means at sincere depressions, nervous breakdowns and t, the item, in such cases is applied and valeriana. Juice from a fresh plant in the form of lotions put to the inflamed eyes. At chronic locks do enemas from napara all plant, too without exceeding a dose 20,0 g on 1 l of water.

    Storage . A dried grass of internal colour store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.