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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Angelica silvestris L.
    dudnik wood


    the Russian name : dudnik; the Ukrainian: dudnik, djagel; the Polish: dziegiel lesny.

    Family : Umbelliferae - umbellate.

    Angelica silvestris - dudnik wood

    a Fig. 5. Angelica silvestris - dudnik wood.

    The Plant long-term, with a short thick rhizome from which at a break it is allocated white, as milk, juice. A straight line stalk, dudchatyj, height to 1,5 m. Leaves twice-trizhdyperistye, top with the blown up vaginas. Flowers white, often cream, are collected in large umbrellas. It is few general wrapper.

    The Smell of the kneaded stalks and rhizomes strong, specific, taste bitter.

    Grows on damp meadows and in woods among bushes, on coast and in pojmah the rivers, on coast of ponds and along the edges of ditches. Blossoms in July and August.

    Collect rhizomes with roots, digging out them vesnoju. Collect seeds (very small requirement) in the autumn.

    On a human body operates potogonno, mochegonno, vetrogonno.

    the Use . The scientific medicine does not use this plant, and in the people it is applied often enough, especially at an indigestion, as tea from rhizomes and roots (20,0 g on 1 l of water); at a swelling of intestines in the form of a powder, three times a day on a knife tip at a languid withdrawal of urine, at urine detention; at katarah lungs as the means especially quickly deleting sticky and viscous mokrotu from bronchial tubes.

    Naruzhno dudnik the wood is used in a mix with fragrant grasses in the form of broth and napara for strengthening baths, and also in the form of spirits tincture for natiranija at a gout, rheumatism, pains in a waist and so forth

    During cholera epidemic drank drops spirit tincture from a root dudnika (better djagil medicinal ) and garlic, and also smoked strong makhorka as the means protecting from an infection.

    Some national recipes of the internal and external use dudnika.

    1. At a swelling of guts and gripes in them drink for a day five table spoons of broth from a rhizome dudnika, aira and an oak bark on 1 l of water. All components in equal doses.

    2. At insufficient activity of kidneys, for strengthening of allocation of urine use broth from a rhizome dudnika and horsetail stalks , both plants in equal parts on volume. A mix spoon on a water glass. 10 minutes are boiled. Drink for a day 3 glasses.

    3. At persistent diarrheas when the original cause is removed also many means are tried, and the simplification is not present, tea on three cups in day from broth on red wine "ъруюЁ" is applied; the following mix of the grasses taken on 5,0 g each on 0,5 l fault: a wormwood , a horsetail , rhizomes dudnika , zveroboja , tsentavrii and on 2 g a peppermint and a root valeriany. valeriany and a potion peppery mints do not cook a root, and pour into broth when it is soared. Half an hour soars in the closed vessel. For reception on a boiled water glass pour in 2 - 4 table spoons of such broth of a mix on fault.

    Naruzhno with roots apply a rhizome in the people in following cases:

    1. the Drop to the juice which squeezed out of a rhizome and has been let in a hollow of a painful tooth, satisfies a pain. The same reach by root chewing dudnika.

    2. the Table spoon of small cut root chemeritsy (Veratrum album L. - a plant strongly poisonous) and a tea spoon of seeds dudnika well pound and mix with unsalted lard. This ointment used in the people against linen louses, smearing a body in weak spots with a thin layer and rubbing a little.

    3. At pains in an ear let in the channel of an ear some drops of juice from a root dudnika.

    Storage . Rhizomes and roots dudnika are stored in bags, and seeds in boxes.

    Everything, as to dudnika wood (Angelica silvestris L.), concerns also the herb very similar to it appearing in the scientific pharmacopoeia - Archangelica officinalis Hoffm. (Or Angelica archangelica L.) - djagil medicinal . This plant in all cases of application has in the people advantage by the medical efficiency before dudnikom the wood.

    Supervision show that this advantage really is. Possibly, the quantity and a combination of the operating medical beginnings at djagilja medicinal is more favorable, than at dudnika the wood. Last is considered only a substitute of the first. This circumstance speaks not only a strong likeness of the specified plants, but also that Angelica archangelica L meets in far smaller quantity, than Angelica silvestris L. And consequently quite often gets divorced in kitchen gardens and front gardens.

    From young stalks and sheet chereshkov this plant produce pleasant candied fruits on taste for an ornament of pies, draw on them vodka. It is known that from seeds of this plant essence is extracted.