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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Archangelica officinalis Hoffm. (Angelica archangelica L.)
    djagil medicinal


    the Russian name : djagil; the Ukrainian: djagel, дягіль; the Polish: arcydziegiel lekarski.

    Family : Umbelliferae - umbellate.

    Archangelica officinalis – djagil medicinal

    a Fig. 6 Archangelica officinalis – djagil medicinal.

    The Plant two-year. The straight line stalk, height 120 - 250 see Leaves with the big blown up vaginas, twice-trizhdyperistye with big jajtsevidnymi or oblong, krupnopilchastymi leaflets. Beams of an umbrella and pedicels with a mealy, soft down. Blossoms in June-July.

    Grows on bogs and on coast of the rivers. It is extended in forest-steppe and in steppe on coast of the rivers. In general, distribution small why at its gathering it is necessary to leave the best obsemeniteli.

    ааааааааааа Application too, as dudnika wood .