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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Arctium tomentosum Mill. (Lappa tomentosa Lam.)
    Burdock pautinistyj


    In the people in the same medical purposes apply also Arctium lappa L. (Lappa major Gaertn. - the Burdock big and Arctium minus Bernh. - the Burdock small (it - Lappa minor DC. And L. glabra Lam.).

    Russian names : a burdock, lopushnik; the Ukrainian: a burdock, rep'jashnik, дідовник; the Polish: lopian.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Arctium tomentosum - a burdock pautinistyj

    a Fig. 78. Arctium tomentosum - a burdock pautinistyj.

    Widely known, everywhere widespread plants growing on crude places, about habitation, in kitchen gardens, at roads, on fields, in gardens, etc. Broth of a root of a burdock (50,0 - 60,0 g on 1 l of water) use inside at treatment of different skin diseases, at chirjah, furunkuleze, rashes, at zolotuhe, a rickets as krovoochistitelnoe means. Besides, this broth accept at different illnesses of urinogenital bodies, including venereal, as diuretic, clearing kidneys and mochetochniki means. Drink this broth and at chronic locks. At a diabetes drink broth of roots of a burdock or the following mix: string bean shutters , roots of a burdock and bilberry leaves in equal doses. Take 50,0 - 60,0 g mixes on 1 l of water, namachivajut within night, boil 5 in the morning - 7 minutes, insist a little more, filter, easily wringing out the rest, and all broth drink for a day in 6 receptions.

    At a gout drink tea from the following mix: burdock roots - 25,0 g, rhizomes a wheat grass - 20,0 g, grasses turns - 20,0 g, grasses a three-coloured violet - 30,0 g and veroniki medicinal - 20,0 Take 40,0 g this mix, on 1 l of water and boil on slow fire of 15 minutes. Drink on 3 glasses in day, and the first time on an empty stomach.

    Naruzhno . For baths to rheumatics and artritikam do broth of roots of a burdock, a grass a heather , nettles , a Labrador tea , tatarnika (Onopordon acanthium), cowberry shrub leaves, the dose is not limited.

    Long not healing wounds treat ointment which prepare as follows; 75,0 g the crushed fresh root of a burdock insist the whole days in a warm place in 200,0 g sunflower-seed oil (preferably to take almond), then cook 15 minutes on slow fire and filter in a jar.

    At a hair fall and in general at illnesses of a skin on a head 2 times a week wash a head in broth of a root of a burdock and colours nails - a burdock 20,0 g, and nails 10,0 g on 1 l of water. Some to these components add 15,0 more g hop cones .

    The Root of a burdock cut on small slices, dry in the easy furnace. Annually roots make the fresh.

    Storage . Burdock roots store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.