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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Arctostaphylos uva ursi (L.) Adans or Spr.,
    (Arbutus uva ursi L.)
    Bearberry ordinary, or medicinal


    Russian names : a bearberry an ordinary, bear berry; the Ukrainian: muchnitsja zvichajna, muchnichnik, vedmezha a berry, vedmezhe an ear (sometimes, mixing with a cowberry , name "сЁѕёэшёэшъ"); the Polish: macznica lekarska, macznica garbarska, ("урЁсрЁёіър" from a word "уюЁсютрчі" - to carry).

    Family : Ericaceae - vereskovye.

    Arctostaphylos uva ursi - a bearberry ordinary

    a Fig. 62. Arctostaphylos uva ursi - a bearberry ordinary.

    Perennial plants in the form of small low evergreen bushes with wintering leaves. Bushes strongly branchy with steljushchimsja a stalk the in length 30 - 100 see Leaves small, kozhistye, tselnokrajnie naked (only in a youth along the edges with a down), from both parties with the pressed mesh veins, tupovatye, along the edges not bent, from above shining, from below is more pale, obratnojajtsevidnye, at the basis is narrowed sbegajushchie in chereshok. Flowers pinkish on short pedicels, in short hanging top brushes. Fruits - kostjanka with 1 - 5 stones of dark red colour. Blossoms in May-June. Grows in pine woods, usually on sandy soil not in very plentiful quantity, at least, in comparison with a cowberry . It is extended in a wood zone.

    Whereas in the people it often mix with very similar to a bearberry a cowberry (growing usually in the same places), we give their distinctive signs. The cowberry grows more rising bush, a bearberry - steljushchimsja. Leaves a cowberry , are usually larger than a bearberry, are along the edges slightly bent, a little gear, below covered with dark-brown points, from the bottom party matte-green, and from above blestjashcho-green; leaves of a bearberry at chereshka more narrowed, than at , from both parties almost identical - blestjashcho-green, it is less than cowberry and more densely cowberry also are not bent along the edges, with a network of the pressed veins, from below without dot poles. Berries a cowberry more juicy though are by the form very similar to bearberry berries, but at razdavlivanii berries brusnik and receive juicy kashitsu, at a bearberry - damp mealy weight; The same sensation turns out and at raskusyvanii berries: at a cowberry juiciness, at a bearberry - muchnistost, from here and the name "ьѕёэшч ".

    Collect only bearberry leaves (sometimes and with colours) during flowering and the whole summer till September.

    From dry stalks of a bearberry leaflets easily fall off. The people, in general, do not distinguish these two plants and apply them in the same cases.

    It is considered in the people that all illnesses of kidneys, a bladder, especially an inflammation of kidneys, and a bladder, especially at bloody urine, it is impossible to treat their stones without bearberry leaves. It attach to all mixes used at treatment of these illnesses and at many other illnesses, usually caused by the broken metabolism in an organism. A dose: from 5,0 - 15,0 to 30,0 g on 150,0 - 250,0 to 500,0 g waters. Cook 15 minutes, 20 minutes allow to settle, filter and drink on a half-glass 3 times a day or on 1 table spoon in each hour.

    Broth from bearberry leaves accept also at "юёырсхт°ш§" nerves, at polljutsijah and at venereal illnesses. In these cases on 3 glasses of unboiled water take 1 table spoon with top of leaves of a bearberry and cook, will not evaporate yet 1 / 3 liquids. The rest ottsezhivajut also drink daily on 2 glasses in day. Thus forbid alcoholic drinks.

    It is necessary to pay attention of researchers to treatment by a bearberry of nervous illnesses. In this case mix leaves of a bearberry with a grass pustyrnika fifty-fifty and drink broth for what take on 1 table spoon of one and other plant on 3 glasses of water and cook, will not evaporate yet 1 / 3 . The remained liquid ottsezhivajut also drink in 3 receptions for a day.

    Storage . Bearberry leaves are stored in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper. It is necessary to watch, that them casually not to mix with leaves a cowberry .