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    Artemisia absinthium L.
    Wormwood bitter


    the Russian name : a wormwood; the Ukrainian: polin; the Polish: piolun.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Artemisia absinthium - a wormwood bitter

    a Fig. 7. Artemisia absinthium - a wormwood bitter.

    Very popular, all a known plant. The wormwood bitter, has a wide circulation, grows on waste grounds, steam crops, mezham, to fields and actually is a weed. Blossoms in July-August.

    Collect during flowering of a branch with colours and leaves.

    On a human body operates: strengthens a stomach, drives round worms, detains a diarrhoeia, languid peristaltiku guts.

    The Use: the Wormwood is used by scientific and national medicine, and national doctoring in using this plant does not depart from scientific medicine and all its methods. Essential in a wormwood consider polynnoe essence and bitter substances. The wormwood is used inside in powders, infusion (on spirit, vodka) and broth as vetrogonnoe, raising digestive activity of a gastroenteric path and strengthening appetite. Outside - for compresses and lotions at bruises, and also in enemas against round worms.

    The Wormwood should not be abused, especially at an anaemia. Long, excessive application of a wormwood, even in low doses, can cause spasms and convulsions, hallucinations, and even the insanity phenomena.

    Some national recipes of application of a wormwood:

    Inside :

    1. At gripes in a liver broth from wormwood leaves, a sage and juniper berries , taken fifty-fifty on weight; drink on three glasses in day.

    2. At a beginning inflammation of a blind gut drink two times per day, in the morning and in the evening, polynnuju tincture on spirit on 12 - 15 drops on a water spoon.

    3. At katare thick guts accept each two hours on a table spoon napar from leaves of a wormwood and a sage , and instead of tea drink liquid broth from fig.

    4. Round worms expel, accepting on three spoons from leaves of a wormwood within ten days in the morning (on an empty stomach) and in the evening (before a dream). Each time after that tea is recommended to be eaten a half-glass svezhetertoj carrots .

    5. At a stench from a nose at first try to remove an original cause which can be illness of a throat, the stomach, a spoilt teeth, tsingotnye gums and so forth, and then drink daily on three times a day before disappearance of an illness tea from leaves of a wormwood and mint lists , taken fifty-fifty.

    Naruzhno :

    1. Bruises and tumours obkladyvajut the rags wetted in water infusion of a wormwood or at absence polni - in arnica infusion (Arnica Montana L.).

    2. For destruction ostrits - small white worms nesting in back pass, after an excrement do a small enema (a liquid glass) of garlic broth (one average head) on 1,5 glasses polynnoj tinctures. This liquid detain, probably, longer and let out. Enemas repeat some days successively.