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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Artemisia vulgaris. L.


    Russian: chernobylnik; the Ukrainian: polin zvichajny, abo chornobil, Polish: bylica pospolita.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    a Fig. 8. Artemisia vulgaris - chernobylnik.

    The Perennial plant, vyshinoju to 1, 5 m. the Stalk strongly branchy, direct, high, reddish. Roots ligneous, thick enough. Leaves from the top party green, naked, with bottom - belovojlochnye, plumose, and top - integral, short. Flowers yellow or reddish, are collected in long, dense, metelchatye inflorescences. Blossoms in July-August. Taste slightly bitter. Has begun to smell a bit balsam, specific.

    Grows on waste grounds, at roads, on mezhah, on the started kitchen gardens, beds, on crude kustarnikovym to places, coast of the rivers. A weed. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect roots and it is rare leaves. From the main apathetic root break off lateral fleshy roots, wash in cold water and quickly dry. Leaves collect during plant flowering.

    On a human body operates: raises digestion, well operates on the upset nerves.

    the Use . Leaves and roots chernobylnika are used only in national medicine. On supervision consider that it is more than operating substances in leaves and tops of branches, than in roots. Both leaves, and roots use at painful menstruatsijah. A root use at an epilepsy, spasms and convulsions: 30,0 g a root fill in 0,5 l of beer, boil (5 minutes) and such broth drink, lying in bed, sweat will not stop yet. The same broth expel round worms and treat a long diarrhoeia.

    1. At a tuberculosis of lungs in the people cook roots chernobylnika in white wine (10 minutes), in boiling broth add honey and after broth will cool down, drink on one glass on an empty stomach or on three table spoons in day.

    2. For strengthening postnatal vydeleny at lying-in women drink napar from chernobylnika. This napar prepare so: a table spoon of a powder from tops of branches chernobylnika zaparivajut in 1/2 l. waters and such napar drink on a half-glass three times per day.

    3. At stones of kidneys and a bladder the following mix is considered very good: shabby leaves chernobylnika - 2,0 g, bearberry leaves - 3,0 g, carrots seeds - 3,0 g, a horsetail - 2,0 g and seeds of garden fennel - 2,0 This mix fill in grasses with two glasses of water, insist the whole night in an oven or an oven, and boil 5 - 7 minutes in the morning. Such napar drink four times a day on a half-glass.