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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Artemisia abrotanum L.
    Wormwood divine-tree


    the Russian name : a wormwood divine-tree (a wormwood metelchataja); the Ukrainian: a wormwood my God-tree, my God d¾revko (national): the Polish. bylica boze drzewko.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Artemisia abrotanum - a wormwood divine-tree

    a Fig. 79. Artemisia abrotanum - a wormwood divine-tree

    Polukustarnikovoe a plant in height 30 - 150 see With a pleasant balsam smell, especially when it to break in solar, dry weather or at grinding in hands of the dried up branches. Stalks the straight lines which have been branched out, naked, from below stiffening, in advanced age the brownish. Leaves bluish-green, from below is pressed-fluffy and consequently grayish, bottom twice-peristo-separate with very narrow shares, top - one-plumose, three-separate and unseparable, with narrow shares. Baskets very small, hung, almost spherical, located in long whisks. External leaflets of a wrapper udlinenno-lantsetnye, sharp; internal obratnojajtsevidnye, tupovatye. Leaves of a wrapper and chereshki them at the basis without ears. Blossoms in August. In a wild condition meets on cemeteries, on dry hills, on slopes of ditches, at roads, on mezhah, in the thrown rural court yard and so forth

    At gathering during flowering slamyvajut branches, connect their bunches and dry up in the suspended kind or in bouquets.

    Bunches of this plant (it is frequent in bouquets with other plants) old women use for okurivanija apartments, the kitchen ware, sick animals, obkladyvajut them dead men, shift clothes, etc.

    In national doctoring A. abrotanum L. Has wide enough and various application: a toothache (okurivanie, rinsing), colds, rheumatic, gastroenteric, infectious and others, diseases, and also at beljah. Accept inside in a kind napara, tea from 1 - 2 table spoons of the crushed plant on 1 glass of boiled water on 2 - 3 glasses in day. It is used also in mixes with other plants at a sciatica ( bukvitsa medicinal ), at stones of kidneys and other nephritic diseases ( ruta ). It is considered soothing, protivospazmaticheskim means.

    Zaparennoj in plant boiled water in weight obkladyvajut abscesses for acceleration of their maturing. In the people especially recommend this means at inflammations of chest gland. Water hot extracts from this plant use for different poultices, compresses, lotions, washings. For the same purposes use also the fresh parts of a plant pounded in homogeneous weight (leaves, inflorescences). Vodka tincture from a wormwood divine-tree use for vtirany, including at inflammations nadkostnitsy.

    From rastolchennogo plants prepare on fats different ointments with which treat wounds, the abscesses, the freezed fabrics of a body and so forth For the same purpose use also the juice which has been squeezed out of fresh plants. Divine-tree use in itself or in mixes with other plants for different baths, including at potenii feet.