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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Asarum europaeum L.
    kopyten European


    the Russian name : kopyten, Ukrainian: kopitnjak (підкопитник); the Polish: kopytnik pospolity.

    Family : Aristolochiaceae - kirkazonovye.

    Asarum europaeum - kopyten European

    a Fig. 9. Asarum europaeum - kopyten European.

    The Perennial plant with a creeping rhizome; the Stalk too the creeping. Leaves on long chereshkah, pochkovidnye and roundish, are very similar to a horse hoof (from here the name). All plant is covered by short hairs, fluffy. Flowers small, inside dark red, outside the brown-green. Blossoms in April. Taste of all plant the bitter; the sharp, unpleasant smell, especially pounded parts, specific, strong enough, reminds a smell valerianovogo a root a little.

    Grows in deciduous, is more rare coniferous, woods on deciduous humus, under hazel grove bushes and so forth Meets everywhere in woods.

    Collect leaves during flowering, and rhizomes with roots in the early spring.

    The Plant (rhizome) is a bit poisonous.

    On a human body operates mochegonno, improves digestion.

    the Use . This plant was used in scientific medicine before more than now. A plant poisonous, and he cannot be abused.

    The National medicine uses this plant as diuretic. For this rhizome kopytnja cook on the goat milk or use water broth. Tea from kopytnja facilitates monthly at women, poslabljaet intestines, promotes digestion, is applied at gastritises, illnesses of a liver, a jaundice. A dose: 3 - 5 g a dry plant on a liquid glass. As the best way of application consider its receptions on milk.

    The Powder from rhizomes or leaves is used in national medicine mainly to cause vomiting and when it is necessary and chihanie

    Some national recipes for cases when kopyten it is considered especially useful:

    1. Water napar from a grass kopytnja, mixed in equal parts with colours an immortelle sandy it is considered useful at a jaundice. A dose: one table spoon of a mix on a boiled water glass.

    2. Allocation menstrualnyh blood strengthen the use of a powder from a potion kopytnja, the knife taken on a tip and the milk brought in a wine-glass. Drink on an empty stomach one wine-glass in day.

    3. Kopyten, in a mix with others otharkivajushchimi herbs, is used in the form of broth at a bronchitis in the following mix: kopytnja - 2,0 g, budry - 3,0 g and a burdock (Agrimonia eupatoria L.) - 2,0 Two table spoons of this mix boil in semilitre of water of 10 minutes and then 20 minutes soar, filter and drink drinks of no more than two cups in day.

    4. In the people there is a way to force drunkard to stop drunkenness. On some drunkards this way operates. It consists that in a vodka glass pour in a table spoon of broth from a rhizome kopytnja. The drunkard should not know about it. Such mix of vodka causes vomiting and ostensibly strong disgust for alcohol.

    Storage . A rhizome with roots and a grass kopytnja store in the boxes which have been laid out inside by a paper.