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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Avena sativa L.
    Sowing campaign oats


    the Russian name - oats; the Ukrainian: oats; Polish - owies.

    Family : Gramineae - cereals.

    The Known cultivated cereal. In the medical purposes the people use groats, a flour and straw, thus groats and a flour from oats is used as dietary means, and straw - as medical.

    From ovsjanoj torments prepare the kissels used not only as a rich dish at gastroenteric diseases, but also as enveloping means at diarrheas; in the same cases apply "ъыхщъш" (broth) from oat groats, including in children's practice.

    Tea and broth from ovsjanoj use straw in the people as sudorific, vetrogonnoe and a diuretic. Broth apply also at the dropsy of the stomach which has arisen at illnesses of kidneys, and as a febrifuge. For napara take any quantities, for broth 30,0 - 40,0 g ovsjanoj, cut up on sechku straw on 1 l of water.

    Naruzhno . Baths ovsjanoj straw do of broth for rachitic and zolotushnyh children, and strong broth use for foot baths at potenii feet. In the latter case are applied daily 15 - 20-minute baths, it is frequent with addition of broth from an oak bark .

    ovsjanoj straw do poultices Of strong broth at illnesses of bones.

    At stones of kidneys from strong broth ovsjanoj straw hot obklady (compresses) and poultices on area of kidneys as the means warming up and expanding mochetochniki, facilitating passage of stones.