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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Bellis perennis L.
    Daisy long-term


    the Russian name : a daisy; the Ukrainian: stokrotki, daisies; the Polish: stokrotka.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    The Perennial plant, is good all known. It is cultivated in gardens as decorative. In a wild condition grows at roads, on old cemeteries, along the edges of meadows. Blossoms, since early spring and approximately till August. It is extended in wood areas and forest-steppe.

    Collect for the medical purposes only wild daisies, thus dig out, the whole plant during flowering.

    On a human body operates as poslabljajushchee intestines and mochegonno.

    the Use . The plant is applied in homoeopathy, and the scientific medicine starts to be interested in it only. The National medicine applies it for a long time already in some cases. So, at a tuberculosis of lungs a powder from daisies mix in equal doses with crushed to pyleobraznogo conditions a shell from 2 eggs and drink in the morning and in the evening on milk on one wine wine-glass of a mix.

    Daisies have property slightly slabit; therefore at occurrence in tubercular patients of a liquid chair treatment by daisies stop.

    In children's practice in the people at a tuberculosis of a backbone or bones on a sore point impose rags with ointment from okopnika with daisies and balm leaves . Produce ointment so: to 200,0 g kindled very hot pork unsalted fat pour 20,0 g a powder from daisies, 30,0 g strongly crushed a root okopnika and 20,0 g a powder from leaves and balm inflorescences. the Mix days soar in an oven, observing, that has not boiled, filter in bank and tie with a paper.

    For the termination is more white at women apply long enough time of washing naparom from the following mix: an oak bark - 50,0 g, the shepherd's bag - 20,0 g, omely - 30,0 g, potions water pepper - 20,0 g, nettles - 30,0 g and daisies 40,0 g - all on three glasses of water; dense napar filter and dilute with a few boiled water. For six weeks the sexual intercourses stop. Recommend not to stop work and to be in the open air more.

    Daisies, in a dose from 10,0 to 15,0 g, add in a mix with which treat diseases of kidneys, lohanok and a bladder.

    Storage : the Dried up plants store in wooden boxes, in imposed with a paper.