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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Betonica officinalis L.
    bukvitsa medicinal


    the Russian name : bukvitsa; the Ukrainian: bukvitsja, bukovitsja; the Polish: bukwica zwyczajna, bukwica lekarska, betonijka.

    Family : Labiatae - gubotsvetnye.

    Betonica officinalis - bukvitsa medicinal

    a Fig. 54. Betonica officinalis - bukvitsa medicinal.

    The Long-term grassy plant with a direct woolly stalk in height 20 - 90 see in the Spring from a root the bunch of leaves on long chereshkah and 1-3 long stalks grows. Leaves prodolgovatojajtsevidnye, at the basis heart-shaped, gorodchatye, usually volosistye, top almost sedentary. Flowers krasnovato-purple, are collected by rings in bosoms of the top leaves; their rings gradually to stalk top approach in dense kolosovidnoe an inflorescence. Blossoms since June till September. A plant smell strong enough, original; taste is saltish-bitter. Grows on meadows, thickets, hills and groves, on wood landings, at wood roads, on cemeteries. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect leaves, together with the whole stalks with leaves and colours during flowering; roots in rare instances as emetic means.

    In national medicine use bukvitsu, first of all at illnesses of a liver and a jaundice - as separately, and in mixes. Besides, it use at bad gastric digestion, at an asthma and cough as otharkivajushchee, facilitating allocation mokroty, and also as easy laxative. Leaves and stalks sometimes cause chihanie. Accept it in naparah and broths from 20,0 g on 1 l of water, and also in a powder per day from 1 to 3 g in 4 receptions.

    At a bleeding from lungs drink daily on 2 wine wine-glasses (everyone about 30,0 following broths from bukvitsy: on 1 glass of water take 2 table spoons of strong port and 1 table spoon of leaves bukvitsy. Boil 5 minutes from the beginning of boiling and still naparivajut 20 minutes. Accept the cold.

    At a sciatica drink on 3 glasses in day of broth from the following mix: leaves bukvitsy - 50,0 g, branches a wormwood divine-tree (Artemisia abrotanum L.) - 35,0 g, bobovnika - 20,0 g, colours an elder black - 40,0 of This mix take three table spoons on 1 l of boiled water, soar within night in an oven, boil minutes 5 in the morning. Thus rub a sore point with following structure: ant spirit - 4 table spoons, spirit tinctures of fruits a chestnut - 3 spoons, spirit tinctures of seeds of a henbane (poison) - 2 spoons and 1 spoon of camphor oil.

    Storage . The dried up leaves and stalks with colours bukvitsy store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.