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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Bidens tripartitus
    Train three-separate


    In the people have application and other kinds of a train, namely: Bidens cernuus L. - the train hung and is more rare Bidens radiatus Thutll. - a train radiant. They are very similar to the first and grow in the same places, as the first.

    the Russian name : a train; the Ukrainian: a train, prichepa, dog rep'jah; the Polish: uczep dwuzebny, uczep trojdzielny, straalkі.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Bidens tripartitus - a train three-separate

    a Fig. 80. Bidens tripartitus - a train three-separate.

    The Train three-separate - an annual grassy plant with direct and strongly branchy stalk in height 15 - 100 see Leaves (and a stalk) with the rare hairs, narrowed in short winged chereshok, mostly three-separate with pilchatymi shares from which average is larger. Baskets buro-yellow, upright, on one or on two on tips of branches. Flowers yellow, tubular. Each basket is surrounded double-row kolokolchatoj obvertkoj with the extended external leaflets. Semjanki small (similar it is a little under the form on semjanki sunflower) with two jagged ostjami thanks to which cling to clothes of the person and a wool of animals, from here and national names "яЁшёхяр" "uczep". Blossoms since July till September. Grows at ponds, the rivers, at ditches on suburbs of bogs, on oozy damp soils, in crude kitchen gardens. A weed. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect in the flowering beginning all plant, cutting off it in that place where branches, or separate branches on which flowers only have started to be dismissed begin.

    In national medicine it is widely applied at skin illnesses, at a rickets, zolotuhe, arthritises, a gout, besides, as a lung sudorific and a diuretic.

    Inside use a gain (and some and broth - 10 minutes) 4 table spoons of the cut grass on 1 l of boiled water. Napar insist the whole night, and since morning start to accept on a half-glass 3 - 4 times a day.

    One of krovoochistitelnyh the mixes, used in the people at skin diseases, and also at zolotuhe and a rickets: turns - 10,0 g, leaves a walnut 5,0 g, grasses of a three-coloured violet - 20,0 g, a burdock root - 15,0 g, colours a deaf white nettle - 10,0 g, colours of a yarrow - 10,0 g, leaves a black currant - 10,0 g and wild strawberry leaves - mix 15,0 All, take 20,0 g mixes, fill in 1 l of unboiled water and boil on weak fire of 10 minutes. Drink hourly on a wine wine-glass (30,0, and to children give on 1 table spoon.

    The Same mix with addition of leaves bearberries 30,0 g and birch kidneys 15,0 g, the same way prepared and applied, use at chronic illnesses of kidneys.

    Storage . A train store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.