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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Calendula officinalis L.
    Nails medicinal


    the Russian name : nails; the Ukrainian: нагідки, Polish: nogietki.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Calendula officinalis - nails medicinal

    a Fig. 10. Calendula officinalis - nails medicinal.

    The Annual plant in height to 50 sm, branchy, is frequent from the bottom, easily downy, a bit sticky, especially in dry solar weather. Leaves oblong, bottom gradually to the basis the narrowed. Flowers happen different shades, but more often the orange. A smell of colours specific, balsam, pleasant. The plant is very popular, especially in Ukraine and in Belarus; gets divorced about huts, often grows feral, decorates in villages of a bed and kitchen gardens; it is favourite by the people. Blossoms, since, the end of May and almost to frosts.

    Collect flowers (and also leaves, mainly bottom, during flowering) in solar weather, pulling out, extreme and middle tsvetki, and sometimes and all small baskets. Consider that on a human body operates potogonno, clears blood, as knitting and clearing suppurating wounds. It is necessary to pay attention of the researcher on sticky and radio allocation of this plant in a combination to other operating substances its (balms).

    the Use . Nails earlier, were applied in scientific medicine, but now are left. There are they in homoeopathy. Nevertheless, and now nails, apparently, draw attention of researchers.

    The National medicine to application of nails takes away very big place. They are applied at many illnesses, especially at cuts, wounds, eels, chirjah, ulcers, lishajah and illnesses of eyes. Nails possess property to limit an inflammation.

    Inside nails are used at illnesses of a liver, a spleen, at stomach spasms, zolotuhe, a rickets. As naruzhno, and inside it is considered more expedient to use nails in a mix with others, similar on action, plants. If one are necessary only nails then apply them in a kind napara (40,0 g on water litre). Soar in the closed vessel the whole night. Accept three glasses napara during the day.

    Ways of application of nails:

    Naruzhno :

    1. During abscess formation in a breast of mother for pain reduction put to a sick breast on a piece of a cloth ointment of following structure: leaves a wormwood divine-tree - 20,0 g, leaves and tsvetkov nails - 30,0 g and leaves of a blossoming henbane - 20,0 g (a henbane a poisonous plant - alkaloidy). A mix this well pound, add to it 70,0 g port and 70,0 g pork unsalted baked fat and again pound; a mix move to the glazed pot and cook in it of 15 minutes on weak fire, filter in a jar and close. Simultaneously instead of tea drink napar from colours of nails on 3 glasses in day.

    2. On bleeding wounds put the rags moistened in napare of colours of nails, mixed fifty-fifty with wormwood leaves divine-tree . Wounds heal without a suppuration.

    3. Freckles on the person and hands delete daily double (in the morning and in the evening) greasing of the person by juice from leaves of the nails, mixed in equal parts with juice of a lemon, berries currants and almond oil.

    4. To suppurating eyes for the night put a lotion from napara leaves and tsvetkov nails.

    5. At sight easing to eyes put for night of a lotion from napara the following mix: colours of nails, petals cornflowers and grasses ochanki , taken fifty-fifty - in any quantity. Without despairing of success, are treated long (months 6). It was necessary to observe favorable results of such treatment (thus recommend not to read, not to write and not to embroider).

    6. About treatment methods ekzem plants, including nails, it will be told further.

    Inside :

    1. At illnesses of a liver drink on 3 glasses in day of tea from a mix: zveroboja - 40,0 g, sporysha - 20,0 g, wild chicory - 30,0 g, an immortelle sandy - 40,0 g, krushiny - 30,0 colours of a camomile - 10,0 g and nails - 40,0 of this mix of Twenty grammes since evening fill in barks with unboiled water, the whole night draw also boil 5 - 7 minutes, then still naparivajut 20 minutes in the morning. A portion of day reception.

    2. In case of a spleen tumour useful it is considered tea from napara colours of nails and yarrow grasses in equal parts. Drink 2 glasses in day.

    3. to Zolotushnym and rachitic children instead of tea allow to drink napar from colours of nails.

    Storage . Flowers and leaves of nails store in the iron closed boxes (to look through more often).