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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Calluna vulgaris (L.) Salisb. (Erica vulgaris L.)
    Heather ordinary


    the Russian name : a heather; the Ukrainian: veres, a heather; the Polish: wrzos pospolity, wrzos zwyczajny.

    Family : Ericaceae - vereskovye.

    Calluna vulgans - a heather ordinary

    a Fig. 63. Calluna vulgans - a heather ordinary.

    The Small, strongly branched out bush, with the small evergreen leaflets located suprotivno, it is close-cherepichato in four numbers. Flowers are located in the form of the one-sided brushes passing in oblistvennye branches, lilac or lilovo-pink, and sometimes and white or cream on short pedicels. Blossoms since July in August and September. Taste of a plant bitter, knitting, a smell strong - smells as honey. Grows in dry and dampish sandy places, it is more in the pine and mixed woods, on glades, dry hills, on wood meadows, at roads, usually in a nonchernozem strip, is more rare in chernozemnoj.

    Collect oblistvennye branches with colours. Water infusion of a grass of a heather 40,0 g on 1 l of water consider vernejshim as means at stones of kidneys; it use and at a dropsy.

    The Heather enters into mixes of grasses at katare a stomach, especially with the raised acidity. Here a mix (as neutralised acidity): heather grasses - 40,0 g, zolototysjachnika (tsentavrii) - 30,0 g, zveroboja - 40,0 g, peppery mints - 20,0 g and barks krushiny - 20,0 of a mix of 2 table spoons on boiled water half-litre soar not less a half an hour. Drink for a day.

    The Heather apply also as the means calming nerves and operating partially snotvorno.

    At the upset nerves, at a sleeplessness, fearfulness, suspiciousness, etc. Accept the following mix: grasses pustyrnika - 30,0 g, a heather - 40,0 g, sushenitsy marsh - 30,0 g, valerianovogo a root - 10,0 of this mix of 4 table spoons zaparivajut 1 l of boiled water (soar the whole night) and accept on 4 - 5 drinks in each hour, drinking all during the day.

    Storage . A heather grass store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.