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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Capsella bursa pastoris Medic.
    The shepherd's bag


    Russian names : the shepherd's bag, sumochnik the shepherd's; the Ukrainian: gritsiki, tobolki; the Polish: tasznik pospolity, kaszka, tobolki, kaletka pasterska.

    Family : Cruciferae - krestotsvetnye.

    a Fig. 55. Capsella bursa pastoris - the shepherd's bag

    Everywhere widespread weed. Annual, sometimes a 2-year-old grassy plant with radical rozetkoju peristo-rassechennyh leaves and to straight lines simple, sometimes a branchy stalk, on which leaves small sedentary, integral or vyemchato-gear. Fruits - pods in the form of a heart or a handbag. White small flowers are collected in a long brush. The plant blossoms since April till September gradually from a stalk bottom to top; and ripens.

    Grows on fields, in kitchen gardens, it is nearby expensive, about dwellings. On good soils reaches heights to 60 sm, usually 10 - 40 see Collect all grass, srezyvaja it (some pull out) during flowering.

    Napar of the shepherd's bag 40,0 - 50,0 g on 1 l of boiled water accept at illnesses of a liver, bilious and nephroliths, at illnesses of kidneys and a bladder and at various frustration of a metabolism. Same napar elderly women during the preclimacteric period use at wearisome matochnyh bleedings.

    Some consider that juice from the rumpled and squeezed out plants of the shepherd's bag on 40 - 50 drops on 1 table spoon of water in all cases operates more vigorously, than napar. The Same juice accept also at rheumatism and diarrheas. At diarrheas accept not on water, and on a vodka wine-glass.

    At a cavity in lungs: on 2 glasses of water take 2 table spoons of a grass of the shepherd's bag, 1 table spoon an oak bark and a port half-glass. All cook it 10 minutes in the closed ware. All napar drink during the day.

    Storage . A dry grass of the shepherd's bag store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.