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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Carum carvi L.
    Caraway seeds ordinary


    the Russian name : caraway seeds; the Ukrainian: kmin; the Polish: kmin, kminek, karolek

    Family : Umbelliferae - umbellate.

    Carum carvi - caraway seeds ordinary

    a Fig. 11. Carum carvi - caraway seeds ordinary.

    The Popular two-year plant. Grows wildly on meadows, pastures, glades, beams, at roads. Meets everywhere. Is cultivated and gets divorced for gathering of the seeds containing essence. Blossoms in May-June.

    Collect seeds, srezyvaja a sickle all plant (not to uproot) in the morning with dew, knit in snopiki, dosushivajut and vymolachivajut.

    It is considered vetrogonnym, raising digestion and diuretic.

    the Use . The scientific medicine uses seeds of caraway seeds a little, in particular as to laxatives. It is possible to find in drugstores both seeds, and caraway oil.

    In the people and in national cookery caraway seeds seeds apply widely enough. Caraway seeds use as spice in foods, at salting of cucumbers and cabbage, it strew bread and rolls, it apply at manufacturing of the cheese intended for long storage. In the Polish people caraway soup is popular. The straw which has remained after obmolota of caraway seeds, give to cattle which willingly eats it and increases a milk yield of milk. At Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Poles, Czechs caraway seeds are a favourite and necessary plant. In Ukraine does not happen in house village that during haymakings people have not collected to themselves two-three snopika caraway seeds.

    1. Seeds of caraway seeds use at languid digestion, for excitation of activity of a stomach and an intestines, as vetrogonnoe and as freshening means.

      In children's practice apply broth of seeds of caraway seeds on water (a spoon of seeds on a water glass). Boil five minutes in the closed vessel and podslashchajut sugar (a table spoon on a broth glass). Give to the child 5 - 6 times a day on a tea spoon. Means give as vetrogonnoe, especially when the child cries and rubs a leg about a leg ("ьюыю=ш= цштю=шъ"). The Same broth, but without sugar, apply to enemas at a stomach swelling, both at children, and at adults.

    2. Happens that an ear "чр=хёх=" ear vydelenijami, in a national way named "тюЁшэющ" and the hearing (without a pain) becomes dull. In such cases arrive so: in a bulb head, in its top part, cut out cubes a knife, deepen and expand an aperture. In this deepening fill a tea spoon of seeds of caraway seeds and close the cube taken out from a bulb. "ИрЁ°шЁютрээѕ¦" thus a bulb bake. From this, still a hot bulb, squeeze out juice. Some drops such, still warm, juice let in the channel of an ear and close cotton wool. Procedure is repeated by 2 times a day before indisposition disappearance. In the people there is a belief that from this means the hearing improves not only at "тюЁшэх" on and at "°ѕьх" and "фхЁурэіх" in an ear.

    3. Well pounded seeds of caraway seeds and leaves peppery mints zaparivajut boiled water, pour there a rye flour, get mixed up also it, very warm, the test obkladyvajut a breast of the feeding woman at abscess formation. Treatment lasts some days successively.

    4. At constant slezotechenii (amplifying on a wind) let in eyes caraway drops. They prepare so: in a water glass boil a table spoon of seeds of caraway seeds. Into the hot, not filtered broth pour one tea spoon of petals cornflowers , as much crushed grass ochanki and as much cut leaves a plantain big . In this broth the specified plants become wet days. For the second days broth with plants filter through a rag and once again filter through cotton wool. The drops received thus dig in eyes some times in day.

    5. At intestines swellings drink broth from the following mix: two table spoons of seeds of caraway seeds, on one tea spoon of seeds of garden fennel and yarrow leaves , one table spoon crushed ovsjanoj straw - all it on water half-litre. Cook 10 minutes, filter. Drink throughout day small drinks.

    6. to Mothers nursing, for increase in quantity of milk it is recommended, there is a bread baked with caraway seeds and to drink sour cream in which caraway seeds cooked. A way of preparation: one spoon of seeds of caraway seeds on a sour cream glass; boil on weak fire three minutes.

    Storage . Well dried up seeds of caraway seeds store in iron, densely closed boxes, watching that have not grown mouldy.