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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Cichorium intybus L.
    Chicory ordinary


    the Russian name : chicory wild; the Ukrainian: цикорій wild, Petrov_ batogi; the Polish: dzika cykorija, podroznik.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Cichorium intybus - chicory ordinary

    a Fig. 12. Cichorium intybus - chicory ordinary

    The Long-term grassy plant with utolshchennym veretenovidnym a root, with direct from 30 to 150 sm in height a stalk with the spread wide branches. Radical leaves vyemchato-peristo-separate; stem leaves lantsetnye, ostrozubchatye, stebleobemljushchie, next top - tselnokrajnie. Baskets sedentary, sit odinochno or on 2 - 3. Flowers blue, seldom white, are even more rare the pink. Blossoms in June-August. Roads, near ditches, on mezhah, on slopes grow along the edges of.

    Collect the whole plant with a root during flowering. On a human body operates, improving a metabolism, strengthens digestion.

    the Use . The scientific medicine does not use this plant.

    The National medicine uses the whole plant of chicory, using it at illnesses of a gastroenteric path, at cirrhoses of a liver, a spleen tumour, but it finds the most important application at illnesses of a liver and especially a jaundice.

    For preparation napara or broth take nearby 40,0 g the dried up plant on water litre.

    Naruzhno broth of a grass of chicory is used at treatment ekzemy for the purpose of removal of a scab and clarification amazed ekzemoj bodies. For this purpose namachivajut in chicory broth linen rags, obkladyvajut ekzemnye places also do by them it until on a surface there is no from a scab a pure red place (without epidermisa) and without the inflammation phenomenon. In chicory broth while it is hot, put rose-petals and a grass a horsetail ; when it will cool down, filter and merge in a bottle.

    Storage . The cut grass of chicory is stored in the boxes imposed inside with a paper.