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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    is strong

    Conium maculatum L.
    boligolov speckled
    (The poisonous plant)


    Russian names : boligolov spotty, boligolov the speckled; the Ukrainian: boligolov pljamistyj, svistulina, svistulnik; the Polish: szczwoi plamisty, pietrasnik plamisty, weszka, swistulina.

    Family : Umbelliferae - umbellate.

    Conium maculatum - boligolov speckled

    a Fig. 86. Conium maculatum - boligolov speckled.

    The Two-year grassy plant. In the first year the bunch of radical leaves develops. In this condition sometimes also mix it with parsley . Are similar both leaves, and a root. This circumstance sometimes happened the poisoning reason boligolovom. On the second year strongly branched out stalk which on good soil reaches 2 m of height (usually 70 develops - 150 see). mezhdouzlija a stalk dudchatye. Children sometimes do of it penny whistles and take in a mouth that is very dangerous. A stalk naked, furrowed, with bluish touch and below with krasnovato-brown stains. Leaves naked, on long chereshkah, plumose with small vaginas and the jajtsevidno-oval peristo-made an incision leaflets.

    Blossoms since May till the end of September. Grows as a weed on the started kitchen gardens, weed places, in gardens, on coast of the rivers, sometimes on deposits. Plants have a mouse smell.

    Collect leaves in the beginning of flowering and unripe seeds together with umbrellas. When umbrellas will dry up, seeds are easily showered.

    In the people know strong jadovitost all parts of this plant and accept in very small doses, mainly drops, in the form of spirit tinctures. Take on volume of 2 parts of a mix of leaves and seeds on 4 parts 90 ° spirit. Insist 15 days and filter. Accept on 2 drops on 1 table spoon of water of no more than 5 times in day.

    Use tincture at strong intolerable pains in a stomach and an intestines, and also at locks, urine detention, a stop monthly, at an anaemia, at convulsive cough, at polljutsijah.

    Storage . Store in hermetically sealed boxes and in defined, separately from other plants, a place, as strong poison.