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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Convallaria majalls L.
    Lily of the valley
    (A plant poisonous)


    the Russian name : a lily of the valley; the Ukrainian: конвалiя; the Polish: konwalia, konwalia januszka, konwalia lanuszka.

    Family : Liliaceae - lilejnye.

    The Grassy perennial plant with a creeping rhizome from which grow upwards tsvetonosnye small stalks in height to 20 - 30 see This small stalk (arrow) is covered at the basis vlagalishchnymi by leaves, above which two large sheets, the elliptic or oval form, covering a stalk. A well-known plant. Blossoms in May - June. It is extended everywhere. Grows in woods, in shady places, in thickets; in a steppe zone meets less often, mainly in valleys of the rivers.

    The People collect only flowers of a lily of the valley. Dry in a shade, in well aired place to avoid poburenija.

    In the people from colours of a lily of the valley prepare spirit the tincture used at heart troubles, especially at a heart disease. Landyshevuju tincture prepare in the next way: in a jar with a narrow neck fill fresh colours of a lily of the valley to level of three quarters and fill in almost up to the top 90 ° with spirit; close, two weeks insist. Tincture is filtered. The yellowish transparent liquid turns out, bitter taste and is weak landyshevogo a smell. Accept on 10 - 15 drops 3 times a day.

    At warm indispositions with sharply expressed nervous phenomena accept during the day a half-glass, having divided into 5 receptions napar grasses pustyrnika in which it is poured in 30 - 35 drops landyshevoj tinctures. This mix in the same dose accept also at a sleeplessness, melancholy mood and so forth

    Storage . Flowers of a lily of the valley store in densely closed boxes.