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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Convolvulus arvensis L.
    vjunok field


    Russian names : vjunok, a birch; the Ukrainian: a birch, повійка, v'junok, povujka; the Polish; powoj polny, powojka.

    Family : Convolvulaceae - vjunkovye.

    Convolvulus arvensis - vjunok field

    a Fig. 87. Convolvulus arvensis - vjunok field.

    The Grassy perennial plant with steljushchimsja and a twisted stalk in length 30 - 80 sm, with kolokolchatymi pink or rose-white, collected on two-three colours. Leaves on long chereshkah, prodolgovato-lantsetnye or prodolgovato-jajtsevidnye with heart-shaped-strelovidnym basis, wholly-extreme. Blossoms since June till the end of September. Grows as a weed on fields, especially in badly processed kitchen gardens, on dry meadows, on mezham, etc. It is extended everywhere.

    The Poisonous plant, but in the people jadovitost it is not underlined. In mixes with other potions give vjunok often in a considerable quantity for a forage to pigs in the summer and any signs of a poisoning do not notice.

    The Grass with colours, or one flowers, use as healing means. A rhizome with roots use sometimes as poslabljajushchee means. In squeezed out of colours and a grass juice namachivajut rags also put on wounds. For the same purpose prepare also spirit tincture, 1 which table spoon gets divorced in half of glass of boiled water and is used for a compress and lotions to wounds. Tincture prepares as follows: on 2 parts of a grass vjunka or colours take 4 parts of spirit. Insist 15 days, filter and merge in a small bottle.

    Dried vjunok for the medical purposes it is not made, as in a dry kind it loses the properties.