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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Crataegus L.


    In the people have medical application white flowers of those kinds of a hawthorn which get divorced or wildly grow in the given district. Among them mainly: S monogyna Jacq. - the hawthorn odnopestichnyj grows on edges of deciduous woods, in bushes, on steep river coast. It is extended in Ukraine. S kyrtostyla Fingerh - a hawthorn sognutostolbchatyj. The first grows in the same places, as, less prickly is very similar to it, but. S ucrainica A. Pojark. - a hawthorn an Ukrainian language. Grows and is extended, as well as the first. S охуасаntha L. - a hawthorn prickly. Gets divorced as decorative and in green hedges more often.

    Russian names : a hawthorn, glod; the Ukrainian: глід, глідколюх; the Polish: glod, glozyna, jaworek.

    Family : Rosaceae - rozotsvetnye.

    The Hawthorn - a bush or a tree, it is frequent with prickles, with next peristolopastnymi or separate leaves and small bisexual white (there are kinds and with red) the five-petal colours collected in shchitkovidnoe an inflorescence; a smell of colours specific, but rather pleasant. Fruits red, are more rare red-yellowish, with mealy pulp. Blossoms in May-June. The reader will find more exact descriptions of separate kinds in special determinants.

    In the people medical application flowers of hawthorns (have fruits, and that more with a view of a food) less often.

    Napar from 3 table spoons of colours on 3 glasses of boiled water, on 1 glass three times a day accept at heart diseases, especially during cold or at strong nervous shocks (give also to children in accordingly reduced doses), at dizzinesses and "ѕфрЁх" (a rush of blood to a head, at so-called "чрьюЁюёхэшш" heads), at an asthma caused by warm indispositions, at a heart neurosis, at beginning klimakterii. Tincture from a hawthorn prepares so: juice from fresh colours of a hawthorn mixes up with double quantity 90 ° spirit and 15 days are drawn. Accept 3 times a day on 40 drops on 1 table spoon of water.

    Hawthorn Flowers can be mixed with a grass pustyrnika volosistogo , sushenitsy and colours of a camomile chemist's in a proportion (accordingly) 4: 4: 4: 1. Napar - a mix spoon on 1 glass of boiled water. Accept in the same cases and doses, as well as a hawthorn.

    Storage . Dried in a shade hawthorn flowers store in the boxes which have been laid out inside by a paper.