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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Cucurbita pepo L.
    Pumpkin ordinary


    the Russian name : a pumpkin; the Ukrainian: garbuz; the Polish: dynia.

    Family : Cucurbitaceae - tykvovye.

    All a known cultural plant. Many grades of a pumpkin are cultivated.

    In the medical purposes use the seeds of a pumpkin cleared of a peel (to 3 glasses in day), "ьюыюъю" from them, and also internal pulp of fruits ("ь ёю" in which there are grains). Pumpkin grains eat at illnesses of urinogenital bodies and at worms.

    At illnesses of kidneys and a bladder from pumpkin sunflower seeds and konopljanogo a seed, mixed in equal parts, prigotovlivajut "ьюыюъю". A way of its preparation the following: the dried up sunflower seeds and a hemp seed on 1 glass of everyone pound in a clay vessel, gradually adding 3 glasses of boiled water, and then filter, wringing out the rest. The milk received thus drink during the day.

    This milk apply mainly when in urine blood and when, thanks to the spasmodic phenomena, urine is late contains. If such milk it can be accepted with an abrupt unsalted buckwheat cereal bothers. It is possible to sweeten it with sugar or honey also. One sunflower seeds of a pumpkin eaten to 3 glasses in day, are considered as the means expelling of any worms and even solitera. After pumpkin sunflower seeds it is recommended to accept a portion of laxative (castor oil).

    Pure, fresh "урЁсѕчют№ь ь ёюь" obkladyvajut the inflamed places on a body at burns, rashes, spots, ekzemah and so forth

    The pumpkin as the foodstuff, prepared in any foods, it is considered in the people the good diuretic clearing not only kidneys, but also all organism. All it still in bolshej to a measure concerns and other kind pumpkin - to water-melons. It is said that water-melons are a such food-medicine which always helps and never harms, even in the big doses. A season of water-melons for patients with functional infringements of activity of uric bodies, for sick of a sclerosis, an arthritis, etc. Is a house resort season, as well as a season wild strawberry .