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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    is strong

    Datura stramonium L
    Dope smelly,
    Or ordinary
    (The poisonous plant)


    the Russian name : a dope; the Ukrainian: silly women, smerdjachy silly women, durkoljuh, svinki, dendera; the Polish: bielun dziedzierzawa, belun podworzawa.

    Family : Solanaceae - paslenovye.

    Datura stramonium - a dope smelly

    a Fig. 88. Datura stramonium - a dope smelly.

    The Annual grassy plant in height 30 - 100 see the Stalk vilchato-branchy, dudchatyj, smooth. Leaves large, almost lopastnye, vyemchato-gear, pointed. Nimbuses of colours large, white, volnisto-grown together, cups tubular, pentahedral, from below the expanded. A fruit - the large box set outside by green thorns. Seeds matte-black (spljusnuto-pochkovidnye). Blossoms since June till the end of August. Grows on waste grounds, weed places, on kitchen gardens, along the edges of rural streets, on garbage dumps. It is extended everywhere, especially it is a lot of it in chernozemnyh places. Collect leaves during flowering and seeds - in the autumn from the ripened cracked boxes, being careful, i.e. Without touching hands lips, a nose, eyes. After work immediately wash hands. Annually make fresh stocks of a plant, and old burn.

    Inside use a powder from dried leaves in very small doses, usually on a penknife tip though also it is dangerous as it is possible to overestimate a dose. It is possible to define, how the higher day dose: 0,1 - 0,3 In all cases accept as a narcotic at a short wind, convulsive cough, an epilepsy, strong gastroenteric pains, In the same cases accept tincture from dope seeds, it is no more 2 drops on 1 table spoon of water on reception and not more often 5 times a day, Tincture prepare as follows: 1 part of the crushed seeds fill in with 5 parts 70 ° spirit, insist, within 7 days and filter.

    At an inflammation of eyes do lotions of the dissolved tincture of seeds of a dope: 1 table spoon of tincture on a water half-glass.

    At asthmatic cough and at chronic katarah respiratory ways are tightened easily by a smoke from small papiroski, braided of shabby dry leaves of a dope; in the same cases inhale a smoke from a powder of leaves of a dope decaying on coals.

    Storage . Leaves and seeds store separately in boxes.