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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Dryopteris filix mas (L.) Schott. shchitovnik man's, shchitovnik chemist's, a fern;
    Aspidium filix mas Sw.,
    Polystichum filix mas Roth.
    Poisonous plant


    Russian names : shchitovnik, a fern; the Ukrainian: paporot, a fern; the Polish: rargos samcza, paprotnik lekarski, paprotnik lesny, narecznica samcza, ranokcica.

    The Class: Filicales - ferns.

    Family : Polypodiaceae - mnogonozhkovye.

    Dryopteris filix mas - shchitovnik man's

    a Fig. 89. Dryopteris filix mas - shchitovnik man's.

    The Long-term grassy sporous plant without an elevated stalk, with thick, slantwise growing rhizome from which grow a bunch, collected in a funnel, peristo-separate leaves with short chereshkami, covered brownish cheshujkami and linearly-lantsetnymi leaflets. By the end of summer on the bottom party of leaves veins - a round sporangium develop two numbers on each side.

    Grows mainly in shady, but not dense forests, more often in crude places, and among bushes. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect in the autumn or in the early spring before development of leaves thick rhizomes, digging out them, clear of roots and numb fabrics - the rests of deciduous scales and chereshkov, leaving only greenish colour "чфюЁютюх =хыю" rhizomes; do not wash. A rhizome with "=хыюь" other colour it is considered unsuitable for the medical purposes. Cut on pieces and dry in a shade.

    The Powder from a fern rhizome use as a helminthic and, especially for removal solitera.

    Usually in the people in most cases it is not reached full exile solitera. All the day eat only liquid dishes and accept 1,5 - 2 table spoons of castor oil in the evening, and before a dream eat some slices of a herring with onions. Next day on an empty stomach, every 2 minute within an hour, accept 30 pills prepared as follows: 2,0 g a powder from a fern rhizome get mixed up about 2,0 sm 3 radio tincture from this a rhizome and all weight divide into 30 pills. After reception of pills eat nothing and in 5 hours drink 1 table spoon of castor oil. At a desire: on a chair sit down on a pot filled on 1/4 volumes with warm milk. At defekatsii try to make an effort more. At such procedures it is possible to expel soliter together with a head.

    Consider that kastorovoe oil after fern reception can be accepted not earlier and not later as in 5 hours, otherwise there can be a blindness.

    Storage . A fern rhizome store in a box in the covered dry place.