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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Equisetum arvense L.
    Horsetail field


    the Russian name : a horsetail field; the Ukrainian: a horsetail polovy, sosonka polova; the Polish: skrzyp polny.

    Family : Equisetaceae - hvoshchovye.

    Equisetum arvense - a horsetail field

    a Fig. 64. Equisetum arvense - a horsetail field.

    The Long-term grassy plant with blackish underground (partially and elevated) chlenistymi rhizomes on which often are available round klubenki - as though nutlets (these nutlets edible, especially in the baked kind), mealy, reminding is a little to taste a potato. Stalks of a double kind: the fructifying appear in the early spring, not branchy, height 10 - 20 sm, krasnovato-white, juicy, with the big vaginas about 8 - 9 teeth on everyone chlenike a stalk, on a top bear is oval-cylindrical sporonosnyj an ear; fruitless stalks develop after the first - branchy, height to 50 sm, rigid, furrowed, chlenistye and with the vaginas having 8 - 10 black teeth with a white border. Their branches are located by rings in stalk knots, sometimes form secondary smaller branches. Branches simple, upright (unlike other kinds of a horsetail), furrowed with vaginas with 4 - 5 teeth.

    Disputes appear in April-May. Grows on steam fields, on meadows, about ditches (a sign of sour soil), on coast of the rivers, on sand. It is extended everywhere.

    In the people has preference among all kinds of horsetails a horsetail field as more gentle, but use also other kinds, however a marsh horsetail uses small attention.

    Collect summer runaways in dry weather and quickly dry on attics. Collected damp or spread out by a thick layer quickly blackens.

    In national medicine a horsetail very popular plant used at illnesses of kidneys and a bladder.

    Accept napar or broth of a horsetail in number of 30,0 g a dry plant on 1 glass of water, on 2 - 3 glasses in day. It is considered that the horsetail use deletes nephroliths, reduces a pain in the field of a bubble, increases urine allocation, reduces hypostases and tumours, reduces quantity of fiber in urine, clears mochetochniki of any slags. It is possible to think that this the horsetail improves the general condition of a metabolism because influences (probably, mediocre) a liver, a spleen and intestines. The horsetail is considered a necessary component in mixes for gout and rheumatism treatment, and also at the illnesses accompanied by hypostases and developments of stagnation. In rare instances it was necessary to meet horsetail application as krovoostanavlivajushchego means.

    Naruzhno from a horsetail use infusion for lotions at illnesses of a skin, on wounds, chiri, etc.

    At fetid breath involve in nostrils and rinse a mouth water infusion from a horsetail: 2 table spoons of a horsetail on 2 glasses of water soar the whole night.

    the Horsetail in mixes :

    1. At painful allocation of urine drink hot tea from napara mixes of a grass of a horsetail and colours camomiles fifty-fifty. Reception - 3 glasses in day.

    2. At bladder spasms drink drinks, but, often, hot napar from colours cornflowers and grasses of the horsetail, mixed fifty-fifty. At the same time do massages of area of a bubble, and then put on a bottom of a stomach the small pillow filled with a hot steamed out horsetail.

    3. Look also a sketch about a cornflower and about dudnike ( djagile ) the wood.

    The Horsetail meets and in some other mixes.

    Storage . The horsetail grass is stored in the boxes which have been laid out inside by a paper.