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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Erythraea centaurium Pers. (Centaurium umbellatum Gilib)
    zolototysjachnik kentavrsky, or zolototysjachnik ordinary, tsentavrija


    Russian names : zolototysjachnik, tsentavrija; the Ukrainian: zolototysjachnik, центурія, tsenturka, цвінтарка; the Polish: centuria, czerwieniec, tysiacznic.

    Family : Gentianaceae - gorechavkovye.

    Erythraea centaurium - zolototysjachnik kentavrsky

    a Fig. 13. Erythraea centaurium - zolototysjachnik kentavrsky.

    Small one or a two-year plant with a direct tetrahedral stalk in height 15 - 40 sm, usually from the middle and more low razvilisto-branchy. The bottom leaves do not form the socket, jajtsevidnye and prodolgovato-jajtsevidnye, opposite, top - sharp, all with 5 veins. Flowers in forks of a stalk and on the ends of branches dark pink, revealing before sunrise. Taste bitter, a smell gentle, uncertain. Blossoms from half of June almost till the end of August. Grows on wood glades, suhodolnyh meadows, squabbles, on bushes. It is necessary to notice that in the people because of a great popularity especially do not distinguish kinds, and use similar forms: E linearifolia Pers (C. Vulgare Raf.) and other kinds zolototysjachnika. Collect, pulling out from the earth all plant.

    On a human body operates: tempts appetite, improves digestion and peristaltiku intestines.

    the Use . Zolototysjachnik it is used in scientific medicine and it is highly appreciated in national doctoring. In scientific medicine it is used "=Ёртр чхъ=ртЁшш" from which in a mix with other bitter grasses, and even from one tsentavrii bitter tincture (tincture amara) prepares.

    In national medicine tsentavriju use in the same cases, as in scientific medicine, especially at the raised acidity of gastric juice, at a heartburn, and also at illnesses of a liver and bilious ways - in a dosage 20,0 g grasses tsentavrii on boiled water litre as napar.

    Believe that at worms, and especially small vlasoglavah, nesting in area of a blind gut, dense napar mixes from tsentavrii in equal doses with colours of an immortelle sandy and tansies is very important helminthic. Like other herbs, tsentavrija it is used in national medicine as independently, and in a mix with other grasses: zveroboem , colours of an immortelle sandy, wild chicory , a yarrow and a root a dandelion .

    Tsentavrija is the most favourite and most popular wild-growing herb which, along with lime colour and, zveroboem , very often meets in a life rural, and city dwellers.

    Generalizing national experience and practice, the most widespread national recipes of application tsentavrii are resulted.

    Inside :

    1. At an inflammation of a bilious bubble and its area drink "ёрщ" on 2 glasses in day from broth of a mix of following herbs: tsentavrii - 2,0 g, a root aira - 2,0 g and colours of an immortelle sandy - 2,0 g; fill in since evening with 2 glasses of unboiled water, and boil 5 - 7 minutes in the morning. 1 glass, and the rest during the day for 4 receptions, each reception in an hour after meal is on an empty stomach drunk.

    2. At pains in a stomach with intestines swelling use the following structure of herbs: 5 g a root aira boil in 1 l of water of 10 minutes. After removal from fire in this strongly hot broth put 2 table spoons of the crushed grass tsentavrii, 1 table spoon a wormwood , 1 table spoon zveroboja and on 1 tea spoon a peppermint and a root valeriany. All it is soared, half an hour in an oven is filtered and accepted: on an empty stomach the whole glass, and the rest for 4 receptions in day.

    3. At chronic frustration of intestines accept napar from grasses zveroboja , mixed in equal parts with tsentavriej (approximately 2 - 3 dining rooms, mix spoons on half-litre to boiled water). Drink for a day all. This most napar is considered good natural neutralizer of the raised acidity of a stomach.

    4. During a flu with the raised temperature drink during the day 3 glasses napara from tsentavrii, camomiles and leaves bobovnika, taken in equal parts on volume, approximately, 4 table spoons of a mix на3 a glass to boiled water. Thus in the evening, before a dream, drink 100 g hot vodka, nagretoj with 1 table spoon of honey; the dream and plentiful sweat wins this persistent and painful illness.

    5. During a fever and a malaria drink broth from following herbs: 2 table spoons of small cut root of a wild rose ( a dogrose ) and 1 spoon of a bark of an ash-tree boil in 1 l of water. Into this very hot broth pour on 1 tea spoon bobovnika and colours of a camomile and 1 table spoon tsentavrii. Stir, cover and in a warm oven half an hour soars. Drink all this prepared broth in 5 receptions for a day, accepting it throughout 7 - 10 days. For taste improvement drink vprikusku with sugar or honey.

    Storage . The grass tsentavrii is stored in the wooden boxes which have been laid out by a paper.