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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Euphrasia officinalis L
    ochanka medicinal


    the Russian name : ochanka; the Ukrainian: ochanka; the Polish: swietlik.

    Family : Scrophulariaceae - norichnikovye.

    Euphrasia officinalis - ochanka, medicinal

    a Fig. 14. Euphrasia officinalis - ochanka, medicinal.

    Small (10 - 15 sm) an annual grassy plant with a stalk covered with hairs. Leaves jajtsevidnye, gear. Flowers (nimbus) white with dark blue longitudinal veins and a pale yellow pharynx. Taste is bitter-salty. The smell is not present. Ochanka - a plant semiparasitizing on other plants (on roots), especially on meadow grasses (Gramineae - cereals). Grows on meadows, on slopes, bushes, low peatbogs. Distribution universal - is more in forest-steppe. Blossoms in July-August.

    Collect all plant, pulling out it from the earth.

    the Use . The scientific medicine does not use this plant. Under newer data, "юёрэър contains gljukozidy, operating on ёхЁфчх".

    The National medicine applies ochanku more often at treatment of eyes, and also at katare a stomach and thick guts. It is used ochanka or in the form of water napara, or in the form of a powder. For water napara take 40,0 - 50,0 g ochanki on 1 l of water. Drink for a day 3 glasses in 5 receptions, In a powder ochanku accept on 2,0 g on reception the Zraza in day.

    The Effect from application ochanki comes not at once. Repeating, I wish to remind that the use of herbs in the people is characteristic the duration. It speaks that in plants often is not enough operating medicinal substances, and therefore to count on fast effect in any way is impossible. By plants are treated sometimes very long: depending on character and an illness sort, even till two years with breaks in reception on 10 - 15 days every two month. If this principle to mean at therapy by herbs at treatment of eyes ochankoj it, probably, has special value. Amazing action ochanki was observed at one patient, and it grants the right to come to conclusion that at an anatomic integrity of an eye ochanka in a mix with other grasses yields positive results.

    As at treatment of eyes use ochankoj. In 1 l of boiled water it is soared 50,0 g ochanki; when napar will cool down, in it dip pure rags and put to sick eyes. In the afternoon same napar let in eyes and twice a day it wash out eyes. Except external using ochankoj, it simultaneously accept and inside, drinking for a day on 3 wine-glasses of milk each time with 2,0 g a powder from a grass ochanki.

    If ochanku to disturb with other plants for eye practice by the best components petals cornflowers , colours an elder black and seeds of fennel garden, taken on weight fifty-fifty are considered. Two spoons of a mix on a glass to boiled water soar in a hot oven 2 hours. This napar, filtered through cotton wool, is entered into eyes on neskolku by a thaw and same naparom daily, on 2 times wash out them.

    Storage . The dried up and cut grass ochanki is stored in the boxes imposed inside with a paper