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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Fragaria vesca L.
    Wild strawberry wood (ordinary)


    the Russian name : wild strawberry; the Ukrainian: суниці (червоні jagodi); the Polish: poziomki zwyczajne, poziomka pospolita.

    Family : Rosaceae - rozotsvetnye.

    The Known grassy perennial plant which is not demanding special explanatories and descriptions. Grows on bushes, woods, glades, dry meadows and slopes, deposits. It is extended everywhere, is more rare in steppe. Blossoms from second half of April till the end of June. Fruits red, zelenovato-red, contain a lot of iron.

    The whole plant Gathers during flowering, and fruits when will absolutely ripen.

    On a human body operates: vjazhushche, mochegonno, improves a metabolism. In fruits and leaves, except iron, there is a vitamin C and carotin.

    the Use . The wild strawberry (all plant and fruits) - very popular medical product in the people also is very widely applied at various illnesses.

    Before considering medicinal value of wild strawberry in general (leaves and berries) it is necessary to warn, what not all people with impunity can eat these tasty, fragrant berries as to an organism of some of a wild strawberry berry harm: all body becomes covered by a rash, blisters, the body itch, a belly-ache, dizziness, vomiting begins. The woman at whom vomiting when she looks at the wild strawberry laid in a basket or on a dish (idiosyncrasy) begins is known.

    The Scientific medicine recommends to use berries of wild strawberry and to eat them at illnesses of kidneys, stones of kidneys, at indispositions of a liver and bilious ways, and also at all kinds katarov a stomach and at illnesses of a spleen.

    Napar of leaves of wild strawberry 50,0 g on 1 l of water in the people use for blood clarification, at rashes, spots, lishajah, at a rickets, zolotuhe, at a gout, gastritises, at illnesses of a liver and a spleen, katare thick guts, a hemorrhoids, a jaundice.

    At reading of the list of illnesses which treat berries and leaves, and also the whole stalks of wild strawberry collected in colour, the reader involuntarily has a question: why so the wild strawberry is useful? As the answer to such question acquaintance with a rich chemical compound which the innocent wild fragrant berry possesses to a certain extent can serve. As a number of sources, as a part of wild strawberry testifies, first of all, are known: 1) many nitrony and acids (apple, lemon, hinnaja); 2) tannins; 3) salitsil; 4) pigments, or painting substances; 5) flying oils; 6) sugars and, at last, 7) vitamins, especially vitamin C. From all known wild-growing herbs to present to difficultly itself of plant richer, perhaps, on a chemical compound, than our wild strawberry. In wild strawberry, for certain, there are also others, the yet not studied medical substances. That is why it so is useful.

    The Strawberry season ordinary proceeds at us from 3 till 4 weeks. If we correctly used this season some years in succession (year 2 - 3), we would require resorts less often. The matter is that resort treatment then sstanovitsja for us useful when the doctor was able, will pick up to us a corresponding resort, a diet, will appoint a mode and supervises over us on a resort, and, on the other hand, when "ъѕЁюЁ=эшъ" carries out all appointments of the doctor. The strawberry period also is a basis for creation of that diet which is necessary often on resorts.

    If all podagriki, jazvenniki, patients katarami, stones of bilious ways and kidneys, with a sick bladder and a spleen, gathering for a resort, could spend at first at home correct Treatment by wild strawberry, they in a greater degree would prepare success of resort treatment.

    On resorts had possibility to go not all patients earlier; however it was necessary to observe, as without resorts patients recovered wild strawberry. Treatment by wild strawberry in the people popularly.

    Many in the people know that such wild strawberry, use it and from it receive healing.

    Here that it was necessary more to observe: to expel solitera, sick fur-trees a herring with onions and it is a lot of wild strawberry, eating it daily even to 3 kgs. Soliter leaves with a head; round worms, vlasoglavy and ostritsy too do not transfer wild strawberry and are expelled.

    At a sclerosis, excessive pressure blood (hypertension), locks, intestinal indispositions and diarrheas wild strawberry - an effective remedy.

    Many forms old, started ekzem (ekzem with suppurations, with cracks, scabs, it is frequent with fetid ulcers) which did not recover various expensive means, successfully recovered wild strawberry. The ripe wild strawberry for this purpose gets out, by a thick layer is pounded on a linen cleanest rag. Three-four day applying of wild strawberry in such kind on amazed ekzemoj places clears them of scabs, eliminates sochenie liquids, destroys a stench and opens a sore point for the subsequent stage of treatment - lotions which as speak in the people, "фюыцэ№ to extend црЁ" and for treatment by ointments as definitive phase of treatment ekzemy.

    At treatment by wild strawberry simply eat it syroju, but not varenoju or sushenoju. Eat, one or with milk, cream, young sour cream, with sugar (sometimes and with wine). From practice and supervision have come to conclusion that it it is possible and it is necessary to eat so much that on the third week it has so bothered that it is necessary to force itself is it. Give to its children, give much. Do not feel sorry for means for wild strawberry acquisition. Do not consider as its overindulgence or luxury, and consider its necessary, as bread, groats, a potato.

    On action on an organism one more berry - a bilberry is a little similar to wild strawberry. Knejp concerning these berries has left to us such aphorism: "т that house where eat wild strawberry and a bilberry , it nothing the doctor фхыр=і".

    The Dried up and cut leaves of wild strawberry earlier (especially in Poland) poured in tea at its packaging. It was, of course, the deceit of the buyer. Without belittling advantage of tea as the conventional drink, I consider, however, that if the same drink from wild strawberry leaves as tea, health of people thus only would win has got accustomed. In many houses there is a custom to drink strawberry tea or the same tea in a mix with chereshkami from cherry berries.

    Storage . The leaves of the wild strawberry which has been well dried up, store in wooden boxes, in laid out by a paper, and dried berries - in boxes.