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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Fumaria officinalis L.
    dymjanka medicinal


    the Russian name : dymjanka; the Ukrainian: rutka лікарська, dim'janka; the Polish: dymnica lekarska.

    Family : Рараverасеае - makovye (podsemejstvo Fumariaceae - dymjankovye).

    Fumaria officinalis - dymjanka medicinal

    a Fig. 16. Fumaria officinalis - dymjanka medicinal.

    The Annual weed plant growing on kitchen gardens, in gardens, on the fields sowed by summer culture koloskovyh, on fresh tombs of rural cemeteries and in general on the good, developed soils, on weed places. It is extended everywhere, but it is disseminated. In those places where dymjanka grows in more compact weight, the field seems grey - the covered smoke.

    The Stalk 10 - 15 sm in length, usually steljushchijsja, with raised tsvetonosnymi branches, juicy. Leaves difficult, peristo-separate, with narrow segments. Flowers pinkish petals on a top more dark with a green strip Flowers are collected by a brush. A fruit odnosemjannyj, on a top almost is rectilinear-cut off or even the pressed. Blossoms dymjanka almost all the summer long, since May and till the autumn.

    Collect all plant during flowering.

    In the people consider that dymjanka stimulates appetite, strengthens a stomach, slightly poslabljaet the intestines and strengthen heart,

    the Use . The scientific medicine does not use now these plants.

    In national medicine dymjanka it is used in a kind svezhevyzhatogo from a juice plant together with beer or whey: 20 - 25 g juice on a glass; accept 2 - 3 wine-glasses in day.

    Use this means after a long fever, at gemorroidalnyh bleedings, after other strong bleedings, at a tuberculosis of lungs, after serious illnesses and in general when try to support forces recovering after long, exhausting illness.

    At occurrence on a body of spots, lishaev, different rashes smear the amazed places svezhevyzhatym with juice from dymjanki. It is noticed that fresh juice from dymjanki perniciously operates on the scabby tick. Often in village, without having means from a drugstore, recommend to be rubbed with this juice. In the itch beginning while pincers plentifully have not bred, the help came, certainly.

    During the winter period dried dymjanku use at katarah a stomach with the lowered acidity: with beer or whey - 10,0 g on beer half-litre, boil 7 - 10 minutes. For a day drink all the portion long.

    At katarah a stomach with the lowered secretion patients recovered, using the following mix: tsentavrii - 2,0 g, zveroboja - 2,0 g, gentians - 2,0 g, a yarrow - 2,0 g, wild chicory - 3,0 g, dymjanki - 4,0 the Mix fill in 1 l of unboiled water, namachivajut for the whole night and boil 5 - 7 minutes in the morning; it is a little drawn, it filter and drink all for a day in 5 receptions: on an empty stomach - 1 glass and during the day - 4 times on a half-glass.

    Storage . It is stored dried dymjanka in boxes, in laid out by a paper.