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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Genista tinctoria L.
    Genista krasilnyj


    the Russian name : a genista krasilnyj; the Ukrainian: дрік (drochnik); the Polish: zolcidlo, janowiec barwiarski, drok.

    Family : Leguminosae (Papilionaceae) - bean (motylkovye).

    Genista tinctoria - a genista krasilnyj

    a Fig. 66. Genista tinctoria - a genista krasilnyj

    Low kustarnichki 30 - 170 sm in height. A stalk without prickles (unlike G. germanica L.), borozdchato-ridge, with the branches directed up. Leaves lantsetnye or elliptic, mainly along the edges and along veins - with a down. Flowers in long brushes, golden-yellow. Blossoms in June, July and partially in August. Fruits black. Grows on slopes of hills and hills, at edges of dry woods, in bushes, at wood roads, on sand. Meets everywhere.

    Collect branches, srezyvaja their sickle during flowering. In the people use broth from branches droka at (stomach) dropsy, at illnesses of a liver, at all kinds of a jaundice and as krovoochistitelnoe. Take 15,0 g a dried grass, fill in with 33 table spoons of crude cold water, put on fire and boil, while remains 1 / 3 to a liquid. When will catch a cold, ottsezhivajut. Accept each 2 hours on 2 table spoons yet will not begin slabit and to drive urine. A medicine it accept every other day. Consider necessary to adapt this method individually for each patient. Within one-two days establish an individual dosage. The way of a choice of a dose droka in the people is widely enough known.

    The Genista is used for colouring of fabrics.

    Storage . A grass droka store in the wooden boxes which have been laid out by a paper.