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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Gentiana cruciata L.
    Gentian perekrestnolistnaja


    the Russian name : a gentian perekrestnolistnaja, or a gentian sokoly flight; the Ukrainian: terlich, tirlich hreshchaty (t. lihomannik); польское:goryczka.

    Family : Gentianaceae - gorechavkovye.

    Gentiana cruciata - a gentian perekrestnolistaja

    a Fig. 17. Gentiana cruciata - a gentian perekrestnolistaja.

    The Perennial plant with thick enough rhizome bearing some, tsvetonosnyh stalks, is dense oblistvennyh, height 15 - 60 sm growing from the socket of radical leaves. Leaves linearly-lantsetnye, tupovatye mnogozhilkovye. Flowers sedentary, dense bunches in bosoms of the top leaves on very short pedicels, a nimbus with 4 jajtsevidnymi the unbent shares, inside dark blue, outside belovato-dark blue.

    Grows on dry slopes, between bushes, on fields, meadows, hills, in young rare pine woods, loves open places, meets sometimes in forest-steppe and wood areas. Blossoms in July - to half of August.

    Rhizomes with roots and mainly from individuals with faded stalks Gather in the autumn. In the people there is an opinion that this sign (stalk withering) designates that the plant has age not less than 3 - 4 years: the stalk grows only on 3 - 4th year of a life of a plant, and before there is only a socket from leaves. This sign does not correspond to descriptions in determinants of plants, but actually it is observed very often. Roots get deeply into the earth why they are difficult for digging out.

    Consider that the root of this gentian stimulates appetite, strengthens a stomach, operates glistogonno and interferes with suppurations.

    the Use . The scientific medicine applies not this gentian, and a gentian yellow (G. Lutea L.). Its preparations (powders and extracts) it is used as the bitterness, stimulating appetite and improving activity of digestive bodies. A gentian yellow, possibly, apply in the people there where it grows (high-mountainous meadows). In the people apply that gentian which to a thicket meets on a place, more often G. Cruciata L.

    Broth of rhizomes and gentian roots (15 - 20 g on water litre) apply at languid digestion, at locks, absence of appetite, at pale nemochi, a gout, arthritises and, naruzhno, to treatment of old suppurating wounds.

    Whereas water broth or napar rhizomes with gentian roots soon spoils, it produce in the small portions, and it is considered manufacturing instead of napara tinctures on strong wine which accept on 2 - 3 wine-glasses daily is even better.

    At the raised acidity of a stomach with distention, a heartburn and locks prepare tincture on port; take on 10,0 g following plants: roots of a gentian, orange crusts, rhizomes aira , grasses zveroboja, bobovnika, colours of a tansy , a root valeriany and grasses sushenitsy marsh . All this mix is filled in with 1 l of wine and put on a window on a sunlight for 21 day. Then filter and accept: in the morning on an empty stomach 2 table spoons and as much before a withdrawal to a dream.

    Besides, rhizomes and gentian roots are applied at following indispositions.

    Naruzhno :

    1. Suppurating wounds strew a small powder of roots of the gentian, mixed fifty-fifty with a powder of colours camomiles chemist's .

    2. the Folk remedy against fetid potenija feet is daily (before a withdrawal to a dream) vymachivanie feet in hot, strong broth from a mix an oak bark and the rhizomes of a gentian taken in a proportion: 3 parts of a bark and 1 part of a gentian. Thus in the people recommend instead of stockings, socks and other kinds obertyvanija feet to apply linen or konopljanye portjanki from a cloth-self-business.


    By supervision it is possible to draw a conclusion in high efficiency of a plant in following cases:

    1. Even the most persistent heartburn passes, if before a dinner daily to drink a wine wine-glass in which within 21 days small cut roots with a gentian rhizome were drawn.

    2. At a gout the following broth well operates: 3 tea spoons of small cut root of a gentian fill in with 3 glasses of unboiled water and cook during 7 - 10 minutes. All this broth is drunk during the day.

    3. At katare a stomach on 1 tea spoon (with top) small cut root of a gentian, a grass a yarrow and grasses tsentavrii fill in with 3 glasses of unboiled water and boil 10 minutes. All broth drink during the day. At a diet corresponding at this illness (about what it will be separately told) sour milk with a roll joins in a food. Vodka thus is forbidden and smoking is limited.

      The same broth is accepted in the absence of appetite, at intestinal indispositions, and also at pale nemochi at slaborazvityh girls.

    Storage . Rhizomes with gentian roots are stored in wooden boxes, vystelennyh inside by a paper.