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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Geum urbanum L.
    gravilat city


    the Russian name : gravilat the city; the Ukrainian: гравілат міський, підлісник, вивішнйк; the Polish: kuklik pospolity, benedykt (kwiatuszek z pod lasu).

    Family : Rosaceae - rozotsvetnye.

    Geum urbanum - gravilat city

    a Fig. 72. Geum urbanum - gravilat city.

    The Long-term grassy plant with mnogogolovym (at the senior plants) a rhizome of reddish colour. A stalk slaborazvetvlennyj, a straight line, it is rough-volosistyj. Leaves mjagkovolosistye, radical - krupnoperistye, stem - trehrazdelno-lopastnye. Flowers single on long upright pedicels. Petals (5) light yellow. Blossoms in June-July, sometimes partially and in August. It is extended everywhere.

    Grows on bushes, woods, in the littered places, sometimes under fences rural usadb (farms). The rhizome on a smell and taste reminds a carnation.

    Collect in the autumn roots and rhizomes.

    The Powder from a root with a rhizome gravilata, accepting on 1,0 g 3 - 4 times a day, are treated in the people for cough with plentiful mokrotoj, asserting that this means expels mokrotu, than other means faster. Consider more useful to give to the patient a powder gravilata with honey.

    Root Broth gravilata 15,0 g on 250,0 g waters is used at katarah a stomach at mucous diarrheas and at katarah thick guts.

    Root Broth gravilata use for mouth and throat rinsing and for baths rachitic and zolotushnym to children in mixes with other plants.

    Storage . Roots gravilata store in boxes.