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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Glechoma hederacea L.
    budra ivylike


    Russian names : budra, kotovnik; the Ukrainian: розхідник zvichajny, budra pljushchovidna, bljushchik, sobacha, mint; the Polish: bluszchyk kurdybanek.

    Family : Labiatae - gubotsvetnye.

    Glechoma hederacea - budra ivylike

    a Fig. 18. Glechoma hederacea - budra ivylike

    The Perennial plant in height to 60 sm sosteljashchimisja stalks and rising blossoming branches. The bottom leaves pochkovidnookruglye, the top pochkovidno-heart-shaped, all petiolar. Flowers on two-three in pazushnyh rings, violet or is bluish-lilac, seldom reddish or white. The plant smell reminds mint.

    Grows on gardens, among bushes, in woods, on thickets, under fences, on fields, at roads, on cemeteries. Blossoms from second half of April till July.

    It is extended everywhere, it is frequent in the big weights. Collect all plant during flowering. It is considered otharkivajushchim and healing.

    the Use . In scientific medicine this plant is not used at all, and in the national has wide enough use, especially its leaves.

    Inside : tea from napara 5 g dried leaves on a boiled water glass use at belly-aches (stomach), a bad eructation, at the imposed language, katarah guts, indispositions of kidneys and a bladder, at liver tumours, at katarah lungs and a bronchitis.

    Naruzhno for healing of wounds, ulcers and at skin illnesses

    This small rastenitse is popular enough, and it is considered useful, especially in mixes with others, similar to it on action.

    1. So, at chronic katare lungs good means considers napar from the following mix: 2 table spoons of kidneys of a poplar, as much leaves budry and 1 table spoon of colours an elder black , zaparivajut for the night three glasses of boiled water, and drink in 5 receptions in the afternoon.

    2. Good otharkivajushchim means the following mix of the plants taken fifty-fifty is considered: leaves budry, kopytnja and grasses repeshka (Agrimonia eupatoria L.). 3 table spoons of a mix fill in with 3 glasses to boiled water and soar the whole night. Drink in 5 receptions in the afternoon.

    Naruzhno :

    1. Well potolchennye and transformed in testoobraznuju leaves budry put weight on abscesses.

    2. the Places of a skin infected scabby kleshchem, rub 2 times a day with strong tincture of a grass budry on vinegar.

    3. At slezotechenii to eyes put the rags wetted in strong napare of leaves budry.

    Storage . Leaves budry remain in tin, almost hermetically closed boxes.