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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Gnaphalium uliginosum L.
    sushenitsa marsh,
    Or sushenitsa uliginose


    the Russian name : sushenitsa the marsh; the Ukrainian: sushenitsja, suhotsvet bolotjany; the Polish: suszka blotna, szarota blotna.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Gnaphalium uliginosum - sushenitsa marsh

    a Fig. 19. Gnaphalium uliginosum - sushenitsa marsh.

    Sushenitsa marsh is one of kinds sushenits. The annual plant in height 10 - 25 see the Stalk ordinary from the basis prosterto-branchy, together with leaves sherstisto-serovojlochnyj. Leaves linearly-prodoltvatye, with one vein. Flowers ochroleucous, skucheny close bunches on the ends of branches. Their baskets at the basis gustoopushennye also are shrouded by leaflets. Seeds naked, smooth. Blossoms all the summer long, since July and almost till the end of October.

    It is extended everywhere. Grows on crude meadows, damp fields, pareninah, on coast of the rivers, at ditches, and also in the crops located in low places.

    All plant Gathers during its intensive flowering, mainly in dry, solar weather.

    Is renowned as calming the pains, healing wounds and the ulcers, lowering blood pressure.

    the Use . In scientific medicine only last years began to use this plant.

    The National medicine long since uses it in the form of tincture on linen oil for applying on a rag on the burnt places, and in water on steam - for healing of wounds. A dose in these cases - 50,0 g on liquid litre.

    Inside . A grass sushenitsy apply at pains of a stomach with a swelling and a heartburn. Some stir it fifty-fifty with zveroboem and tsentavriej . Tea from one sushenitsy drink at the speeded up, sensitive palpitation and at "чрьюЁюёхэшш уюыют№".

    Besides, use sushenitsu in the form of tea at treatment of persistent gastritises and for prituplenija nervous vozbuzhdennosti at the persons, suffering a sleeplessness or feeling uncertain fear. On the action on nerves sushenitsa reminds Leonurus cardiaca L. In all described cases the big efficiency sushenitsy was noticed.

    Storage . It is stored sushenitsa in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.

    I Consider that in the same direction on medical action it is necessary to pay attention of researchers also on Gnaphalium silvaticum L. (With. Wood) and Filago arvensis L. ( zhabnik field ), growing: the first - in woods and the thickets, the second - on sandy and sandy soils