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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Herniaria L.


    In national medicine have application those kinds gryzhnikov which in this or that district grow. More often it N glabra L. - gryzhnik naked, but the same application has and N suavis Klok. - gryzhnik pleasant, and N роlygama J. Gay., it N odorata Andrz. - gryzhnik polygamous, it gryzhnik fragrant, and N hirsuta L. - gryzhnik volosistyj; this more rare also grows on sandy soils.

    Russian names : gryzhnik, grizhnitsa; the Ukrainian: ostudnik, grizhnitsja (purely national: lovely, sobache it is lovely, rpiм, the devotee - from a word "яюфтшур"); Polish - polonicznik.

    Family : Caryophyllaceae - gvozdichnye

    Herniaria glabra - gryzhnik naked

    a Fig. 67. Herniaria glabra - gryzhnik naked

    (They very similar) the reader will find the Description of separate kinds in floristic works, here we result only their general lines. These are long-term (though some authors specify in one and dvuhletnost) grassy small, steljushchiesja, green-yellowish plants with the branched out stalks, length 5 - 30 sm, naked or downy, with small leaves and belovato-filmy prilistnikami. Flowers small, ordinary-looking, yellowish-green, are collected in golovchato-kolosovidnye inflorescences and in pazushnye klubochki. Blossom since May to half of autumn. Grow on steam fields and deposits as a weed, at a foot of sandy hills, sometimes even on the started farm manors and on kitchen gardens. Plants in a dry kind smell kumarinom. Cut off grow.

    Collect all grass, cutting off it at a root, dry in a shade.

    In the people accept gryzhnik in itself or in mixes with other plants. Prepare usually napar (30,0 - 50,0 g on 1 l of boiled water) and drink on a half-glass 3 times a day as a diuretic, at bladder spasms, at all kinds of illnesses of kidneys, and especially at a sharp nephrite, at involuntary mocheispuskanii, at venereal illnesses, and also as "шчуюэ ¦Ёхх сюыхчэі" at rheumatism, arthritises and a gout.

    In some districts drink such napar at pains after heavy physical work or a raising of the big weight.

    Storage . A grass gryzhnika store in wooden boxes, in laid out by a paper.