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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Hieracium pilosella L.
    jastrebinka volosistaja


    Russian names : jastrebinka volosistaja, jastrebinnik; the Ukrainian: nechuj-vitep volohaty; the Polish: jastrzebiec kosmaczek, niedospialek.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Hieracium pilosella - jastrebinka volosistaja

    a Fig. 57. Hieracium pilosella - jastrebinka volosistaja.

    Jastrebinki have the big variety of forms. JAstrebinka volosistaja is grassy, the perennial plant, height 5 - 30 see and sometimes and above (the flower arrow means). From the socket runaways, ordinary numerous, with decreasing on size by the end of runaway by leaves are formed. Socket leaves numerous, from above green or glaucescent, from below belovojlochnye, lantsetovidnye or it is long-obratnojajtsevidnye. The stalk is above covered by hairs. Petals of colours yellow, it is outside frequent with reddish strips. Blossoms in May-June, sometimes till October.

    Grows on dry meadows, on dry pastures, it is plentiful on sandy soil. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect all plant together with a root. Accept napar from all plant in number of 40,0 g on 1 l of water at illnesses of a liver - at its tumour, at a jaundice, and also as the means promoting allocation of gastric juice at lowered acidity, and as stopping bleedings (a dysentery, katar thick guts, hemorrhoids). Besides, same napar drink at illnesses of lungs, at bleedings from lungs, from a uterus.

    The Powder from jastrebinki strew wounds, in other cases wash out them naparom from it or do lotions. Napar jastrebinki use also for vagina washing.

    At a jaundice accept a powder from a plant 3 times a day for 3,0

    Storage . Dry plants jastrebinki store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.