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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Humulus lupulus


    the Russian name : hop; the Ukrainian: хміль; the Polish: chmiel.

    Family : Cannabinaceae - konoplevye.

    Hop - long-term dvudomnoe a plant. Annually vesnoju from hop rhizomes grow long, sometimes to 18 m twisted, usually shestigrannye, in the middle - hollow stalks. Die off in the winter. Roots sometimes go deep into soil more than on 3 m. of the Rhizome represent the underground changed stalks and have in kidney knots. The well-known plant extended everywhere also grows, in grown with bushes pojmah the rivers, over breakages, in valleys, on wood glades and so forth

    Collect in the spring young runaways, and in the autumn, in the beginning of August, the hop cone when they ripen. In this case they of zolotisto-green colour, a characteristic hop smell, at szhimanii spring and are executed "цхы=№ь яюЁю°ъюь" - lupulinom.

    Hop Cones use at an inflammation at a dropsy, at irritation of a bladder and in mixes with other herbs. In itself are applied at katarah a stomach, at illnesses of a bilious bubble and a liver, at a nervous sleeplessness, for mjagchitelnyh compresses and poultices on chiri, abscesses and ulcers, as calming a pain.

    Inside use napar from cones: 20,0 g on 1 l of boiled water, or a powder from them on a small tea spoon 3 times a day, washing down with water. Instead of such powder accept lupulin 2 times a day on a penknife tip (approximately 0,3 - 0,4.

    1. At a jaundice: in the spring and prepare a mix from 1 glass of hot boiled milk, 1 glass of hot water in the summer and there pour in 2 table spoons of juice from young runaways or hop branches. This mix drink in a warm kind for a day. In winter arrive as, but instead of juice from hop take 2 table spoons of shabby cones and preliminary whole night namachivajut them (soar) in a mix of milk with water. Drink this napar for a day.

    2. Nervnobolnym, suffering a sleeplessness, and also at a sleeplessness accompanied by other illnesses (pulmonary), give 2 times per day - before a dinner and before a withdrawal to a dream - on a slice of sugar or on 1 teaspoon of water on 5 - 7 drops of tincture: from 1 weight part of cones of hop on 4 weight parts of spirit.

    The Same tincture and in the same dose accept at gastritises and at worms.

    Naruzhno . For calm of a pain at bruises and abscesses sore points grease with the ointment prepared by grinding of cones of hop with unsalted pork baked fat.

    At a hair fall wash a head in napare (others in broth) hop cones.

    In some districts to the pigs put on otkorm (not castrated), when they run into a condition of sexual hunting, add to a forage strong napara from hop cones, asserting that from it they calm down and again are well fed.

    Hop Cones dry in a shade, spreading their thin layer, to a condition when sterzhenek in the cone at bending breaks. After that put in boxes or bags, it is strong them, pressing a layer behind a layer.

    In the industrial purposes for preservation dry cones of hop fumigate, burning sulphur then them strongly press on special pressah and keep in special bags.