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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    is strong

    Hyoscyamus niger L.
    Henbane black
    (The poisonous plant)


    the Russian name : a henbane black; the Ukrainian: blekota chorna, ljuljuh; the Polish: lulek czarny, blecota.

    Family : Solanaceae - paslenovye.

    Hyoscyamus niger - a henbane black

    a Fig. 90. Hyoscyamus niger - a henbane black.

    The Two-year grassy plant. The annual form which consider as an independent kind (Hyoscyamus agrestis Koch is very similar to it.) It differs from H. niger L. Not branchy, smaller size a stalk also has no socket of leaves.

    On our supervision demanding, however checks, under known conditions, especially if seeds of a henbane of black some years lay in soil and for any reasons have not sprouted, subsequently, sprouting, they can give annual forms, without the socket of leaves. As acknowledgement of it that fact can serve that on waste grounds, among henbane thickets, simultaneously it is possible to meet both forms. If such waste ground to clear of a henbane, to dig up under a kitchen garden on it the annual henbane grows a lot of. Often there is such henbane and after okulturenija waste grounds even in those cases if on them did not grow to this any bush of a henbane, and in soil, probably, seeds remained.

    The Henbane black has branched out, densely covered with soft hairs, an a bit sticky stalk, in height 30 - 70 Leaves of the radical socket petiolar, udlinenno-jajtsevidnye, pointed, vyemchato-peristo-made an incision see; stem leaves stebleobemljushchie, almost nizbegajushchie, jajtsevidnye or oblong, is large-vyemchato-gear. Flowers almost sedentary, large enough, mostly in frequent multifloral curls; a cup at the basis klejko-volosistaja, a nimbus pjatilopastnyj, is rather dirty-yellow, at the basis dark-violet and with the same veins. A fruit - dvuhgnezdnaja, kuvshinovidkaja a box with a lid opened at maturing, filled with small burovato-grey seeds. Seeds are similar on makovye . Blossoms since May till October. Grows on weed places: on gardens, kitchen gardens, court yard, waste grounds, streets, at roads, under sheds, etc. It is extended everywhere.

    Collect leaves during flowering in dry weather and now display for drying on attics. At gathering, drying and storage address with a plant as cautiously, as well as at gathering a dope . Seeds collect in the end of August and in September. Sometimes collect tops of a plant with colours.

    Owing to that the henbane is very poisonous, the people almost do not use it inside in the pure state. Naruzhno spirit tincture, mixing it with a vegetable oil small amount, use for grindings at gouty and rheumatic pains, as a lotion to formed big chirjam and karbunkulam and as a component of mixes for vtirany at cold, cough, a pleurisy, etc. Sometimes for the same purposes spirit tincture mix to oil from seeds of a henbane which get in drugstores.

    From dry leaves of a henbane, a dope and a sage prepare cigarettes which smoke, being some times tightened at asthmatic attacks.

    From a mix of leaves of a henbane and boligolova speckled in equal parts prepare spirit tincture (2 parts of a mix on 5 parts 90 ° spirit), on 2 drops on 1 table spoon of water accept This tincture inside no more than 3 times a day at strong internal pains, at convulsions and an epilepsy.

    At an intolerable toothache take chajnichek, pour into it burning coals and on them fill henbane seeds. CHajnichek close, a nouse it bring to a painful tooth and slightly involve in a mouth a smoke (without inhaling it). The Toothache thus ceases.

    Storage . Henbane leaves, and seeds annually make the fresh. Store in densely closed boxes.