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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Hypericum perforatum L.
    zveroboj ordinary, pierced


    the Russian name : zveroboj; the Ukrainian: звіробій, zajacha крівця, sv¾ntojanske зілля; the Polish: dziurawiec pospolity, swientojanskie ziele.

    Family : Guttiferae (Hypericaceae) - zverobojnye.

    Hypericum perforatum - zveroboj ordinary

    a Fig. 21. Hypericum perforatum - zveroboj ordinary

    The Long-term grassy plant with stalks growing annually. Stalks straight lines in the top part branched out, reach 30 - 100 sm of height. Leaves oval, tupovatye, with plentiful appearing through points. Inflorescences the dense multifloral. CHashelistiki lantsetnye, sharp, petals yellow, at some kinds zveroboja with black points (N quadrangulum L.). The flowers kneaded in fingers, paint them in violet colour. Taste of a plant tart, a smell gentle, specific. Blossoms from the end of June and the whole summer; flowers yellow.

    Grows on mezhah, glades, wood landings, at roads, in thickets, on deposits, dry meadows. It is extended everywhere.

    Zveroboj has some (9) kinds. All of them are considered as the people the medicinal. Medical advantage of separate kinds can be opened by special researches.

    Collect during flowering, cutting off the top part of stalks with leaves and branchings.

    Consider that on a human body operates as knitting, stimulates appetite, improves intestines departures, as diuretic and healing wounds.

    the Use . In scientific medicine tincture and an extract from zveroboja in the same cases, as in national medicine is applied.

    Starting the using description zveroboem in the people, I will notice that this plant - the most important herb from all to us known. On its therapeutic "ёшых" compare zveroboj with wild strawberry , to that only a difference that the strawberry season lasts three-four weeks (a season of berries), and, being dried up, the wild strawberry basically loses the operating properties, and zveroboj both fresh and dried is always effective. In our flora, consider, there is no plant, in this sense similar zveroboju. People name it "=Ёртющ from ninety nine сюыхчэхщ". And it is valid: if the mix, against any illness, how inside, and naruzhno without zveroboja do not manage is made.

    Zveroboj, as well as other herbs, use also in itself and in mixes with other plants but if to become on the point of view of national experts on herbs it is better to mix. However, mixes conceal knowledge and understanding of action of the basic component - zveroboja.

    At treatment of stone illness of a liver, diarrheas and an intestines, a bladder, of some female illnesses, illnesses of easy, inflammatory processes, abscesses, ulcers, chirev, rashes on a body, even rheumatism - everywhere it is necessary zveroboj. As without a flour it is impossible to bake bread so without zveroboja it is impossible to treat many illnesses of people and animals. In the present sketch I will not write any more to it praises, and on force and possibility I will tell about those mixes what are used in the people with zveroboem. By the way, zveroboj it is nontoxical and "чтхЁхщ not ѕсштрх=". The name occurs from Kazakh "фцхЁрсрщ" that means "чхыш=хыі Ёрэ".

    1. At illnesses of a liver and at gallstones mix: zveroboja - 40,0 g, sporysha - 30,0 g tsmina - 40,0 g, camomiles - 10,0 g and barks krushiny - 20,0 of 4 dining rooms, mix spoons fill in for night of water of 1 l (crude), and boil 7 - 10 minutes in the morning. Drink for a day in 5 receptions: on an empty stomach the whole glass, and the rest for 4 receptions, each time in an hour after meal. Thus - a diet of hepatic patients, a hot-water bottle on liver area.

    2. At a sharp and chronic inflammation of kidneys apply a mix: bearberry leaves - 40,0 g, birch kidneys - 30,0 g, grasses gryzhnika - 20,0 g, zveroboja - 40,0 g, columns ("тюыюёр Ё№ыічр") corn - 20,0 g, an elder root zelenik - 20,0 g, horsetail grasses - 30,0 g, sporysha - 20,0 g, colours dushitsy - 20,0 g, camomiles ) - 15,0 At locks add 30,0 g barks krushiny (not fresh - last year's gathering, differently the bark krushiny causes vomiting). It prepares and used, as a mix № 1 (see above). Thus a diet, baths.

    3. Diuretic mix for blood clarification: a horsetail - 40,0 g, pods (without grains) string beans , mainly dwarfish forms - 20 g, ovsjanoj straw - 20,0 g, grasses zveroboja - 40,0 g, sporysha - 20,0 g, colours an elder zelenik - 30,0 g, cornflowers - 30,0 At locks - barks krushiny 30,0 Prepare and used as a mix № 1. Baths.

    4. "+=§рЁъштр¦Ёр " a mix at everything, kinds of illnesses of lungs: leaves podbela) - 40,0 g, colours korovjaka - 40,0 g, colours a wild poppy - 30,0 g, an elder black - 20,0 g, lindens - 20,0 g, primroses - 20,0 g, legochnitsy - 40,0 g, grasses zveroboja - 40,0 g, colours grechihi a sowing campaign - 30,0 g, colours malvy - 40,0 g, runaways paslena sweet-bitter (Solanum dulcamara L.) - 30,0 of a mix of 4 spoons zaparivajut 1 l of boiled water. Soar the whole night, and drink glochkami in the afternoon. In the people the confinement to bed is recommended thus.

    5. the Mix at katarah a stomach - see in the separate section devoted to these illnesses.

    6. the Mix for irrigatsy at beljah at women: a full handful of a grass zveroboja, an oak bark , a root nettles , rhizomes of cancer necks , rose-petals, omely , colours of an immortelle sandy, a willow bark , grasses of the shepherd's bag , a root okopnika , flax seeds, grasses of water pepper , tsvetkov nails . Take 4 handfuls of a mix, fill in 2 - 3 l of water and boil 20 minutes. Filter twice, pour in in a mug and hot, how many it is possible to sustain, do deep washings of a vagina twice per day: in the morning and in the evening.

    7. At badly healing ulcers, wounds, abscesses to sore points put the rags wetted in vegetable oil in which there are less 3 weeks flowers zveroboja were drawn. Colours of 2 parts, oil of 4 parts on weight. Oil prefer almond and if that is not present take sunflower. With the same oil grease also the wounds received from a sting of a healthy dog.

    8. If near at hand there is no extensive structure of grasses at a sick liver are limited to such mix: zveroboja - 20,0 g, an immortelle sandy - 30,0 Prepare and use, as a mix № 2. At a lock add barks krushiny - 20,0 g, cook 7 - 10 minutes. Without a bark soar the whole night and drink in 5 receptions in the afternoon.

    9. Even the long diarrhoeia is late if on an empty stomach to drink hot tea from zveroboja and a yarrow , taken fifty-fifty. A table spoon of a mix on a boiled water glass.

    10. Suppurating wounds obkladyvajut a rag wetted in one handful zveroboja on half-litre of boiled water.

    11. Happens that after carrying of the big weight the pain in a waist and the general easing is felt. In such cases two spoons of colours zveroboja make in 4 spoons of fresh oil, salt to taste, and a table spoon of this broth stir on the talker in two glasses of beer and drink during the day. At persistent cases repeat this procedure some days successively.

    12. the Glass to tea from a grass zveroboja, accepted before a dream, stores the child from involuntary mocheispuskanija beds in the sleep.

    13. a Stench extending from gangrenoznoj wounds, in the people liquidate, washing out and putting on such wound a rag impregnated with broth of a mix: zveroboja - 100,0 g, an oak bark - 200,0 g (considering national application nails , consider expedient to add after kipjachenija in this, just ceased to boil, broth 100,0 g the last for napara).

    14. For the termination of a fetid odour from a mouth and for strengthening of gums resort to mouth rinsing strong naparom zveroboja, and some for this purpose use simply water infusion from it.

    Storage . The cut grass zveroboja store in wooden boxes, in pasted over with a paper.