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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Inula helenium L.
    devjasil high


    Russian names devjasil, nine-forces; Ukrainian - devjasil, oman (met the name: "фштюёшы"); Polish - oman wielki.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Inula helenium - devjasil high

    a Fig. 22. Inula helenium - devjasil high .

    The Perennial plant in height 1 - 1,5 m, sometimes to 2,5 m. a straight line Stalk, furrowed, up felt, branchy. Leaves large, from below serovojlochnye, nerovnozubchatye; radical leaves prodolgovato-elliptic, sharp, narrowed in chereshok, stem - it is heart-shaped-jajtsevidnye, stebleobemljushchie. A rhizome thick, fleshy, inside the whitish. Flowers (baskets) large (to 10 sm in a diameter), yellow. Taste of rhizomes bitter (burning), a smell specific, pleasant enough, strong. Grows on damp bushes, on raised coast of the rivers, especially on cretaceous soils, at ditches, on suburbs of meadows, sometimes on wood meadows.

    It is extended mainly in chernozemnoj to a zone, in forest-steppe, is more rare in steppe. The plant is popular in the people and because of the strengthened gathering of rhizomes now meets in a small amount. Store this plant, help it to dissipate. The plant it often gets divorced on kitchen gardens and gardens where easily runs wild. Blossoms from the end of June till September.

    Collect rhizomes with roots in the autumn, mainly in October. Dry in a shade.

    It is considered in the people otharkivajushchim, improving digestion and a metabolism, easy sudorific and diuretic, causing monthly.

    the Use . The scientific medicine uses devjasil as otharkivajushchee the means which is not conceding senege.

    In national medicine widely use it. To It very much trust and carry it to mighty herbs. Housewives consider as the duty to get a rhizome slice devjasila and to plant it under a hut window in a front garden along with ljubchikami. Devjasil and barvinok, ruta and ljubistok , a guelder-rose and hop are the plants widely entered into old Ukrainian poetry and connected with charms and love privorazhivanijami.

    As to application devjasila for the purpose of doctoring, for this purpose use napar from a rhizome on 20,0 - 30,0 g (and more) on 1 l of water as internal means at very weak monthly, at languid digestion, a bad and frequent eructation, absence of appetite, frequent "схёяЁшёшээюь" intestines swelling, at gripes and so forth At chest illnesses with the big success apply napar from it as vernejshee otharkivajushchee means. Apply not only infusion, napar and broth, but also a small powder from rhizomes with roots devjasila, stirred with honey; accept in day on 5 teaspoons. As a root devjasila is bitter-burning, unpleasant taste, it accept or vprikusku with sugar, or with honey.

    At skin, illnesses, and an itch especially, strong broth of a root devjasila wash a body.

    Besides, rhizomes with roots devjasila are applied:

    Inside :

    1. At slackness of a stomach: drink 3 times a day on a half-glass napara from 30,0 g devjasila on 1 l of water. Soar in an oven the whole night.

    2. For recovering, weak-willed, ailing people it is recommended (very popularly) "фхт ёшыютюх тшэю" approximately on 50 g 2 times a day. On a bottle (0,5) ports take 12,0 g the fresh crushed root devjasila and cook in it of 10 minutes.

    3. If such devjasilovyj broth to prepare on red wine cahors wine it recommend at katare guts and at the lowered acidity of a stomach. Accept daily on 3 wine wine-glasses (approximately on 50 is better to accept after meal.

    4. During strong cold when at the patient cough, a cold when the patient pants, it put to bed, put cups, rub with turpentine and instead of tea allow to drink broth of rhizomes with roots devjasila and djagilja , taken on 15,0 g (approximately) on water litre. Fill in with cold water and, having finished to boiling, boil 10 minutes.

    5. to poorly developing children allow to drink during the day 2 glasses of broth from rhizomes with roots devjasila, grasses gentians and yarrow grasses on 5,0 g everyone on water half-litre; the mix is boiled 10минут and drawn. Improves appetite, promotes allocation mokrot.

    Naruzhno : the handful of the cut rhizomes with roots devjasila is cooked by 15 minutes in 4 - 5 spoons of pork unsalted baked fat. Filter in bank, and with this ointment for the night grease the places infected with an itch. Certainly, will be more true, if the same ointment to mix with 2 table spoons of pure birch tar, with the same dose of a powder of sulphur. With this ointment are rubbed throughout several days, being washed away after it by strong broth devjasila: 50,0 g on 1 l of water. The itch recovered even the most started.

    Storage . Roots devjasila store in boxes, in laid out by a paper.