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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Juglans regia L.


    the Russian name : a walnut; the Ukrainian: горіх volosky; the Polish: orzech wloski.

    Family : Juglandaceae - oreshnikovye.

    All the known tree planted in gardens and manors mainly in Ukraine. Blossoms in the end of April, in May.

    Collect leaves in June, and for the medicinal purposes young fruits during this period when they still can be knifed.

    It is considered that on a human body operates vjazhushche, glistogonno, krovoochishchajushche, improves a metabolism, contains (especially unripe fruits) vitamin C.

    the Use . In scientific medicine it is not used almost.

    The National medicine uses in most cases only walnut leaves. Tea from these leaves - 50,0 g on 1 l of water drink at different illnesses of a skin, at venereal illnesses, at round worms and, at last, at katarah a gastroenteric path. It is noticed that at diabetics the sugar percent in urine if they drink tea from walnut leaves goes down.

    From small cut young fruits of a walnut prepare spirit tincture. Nuts fill in with spirit and insist in a bottle on the sun of 14 days. Black odorous tincture merges in bottles, and the nuts which have remained after spirit fall asleep sugar, well mix and give, will be drawn about the whole month. Receive good liquor. Both tincture and liquor is used at stomach and intestines pains (especially at nesvarenijah). Liquor operates less effectively, but is very pleasant on taste. Accept after meal at lungs nesvarenijah.

    For tincture take approximately 30 nuts on 1 l of spirit, and to liquor add a few carnations and koritsy to taste.

    Walnut Leaves in napare (some do broth) are applied to baths rachitic and zolotushnym to children.

    To give to hair more dark colour, wash a head in strong broth of leaves of a walnut.

    Storage . Small cut dried up leaves of a walnut store in wooden boxes, inside vystelennyh a paper.