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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Juniperus communis L.
    Juniper ordinary


    the Russian name : a juniper; the Ukrainian: jalovets zvichajny; the Polish: jalowiec pospolity.

    The Class - coniferous (Coniferales), family - cypress (Cupressaceae).

    Juniperus communis - a juniper ordinary

    a Fig. 23. Juniperus communis - a juniper ordinary

    The Known bush (sometimes a tree), leaves linearly-shilovidnye, prickly, direct, located mutovkami on 3. Flowers dvudomnye. Jagodoobraznye cones consist from 3 - 6 fruit scales which moderately maturing become fleshy and grow together. They bluish or bluish-black, with three seeds.

    Grows in pine woods. Blossoms from June till August.

    Collect quite mature " уюф№" (jagodoobraznye cones) in the late autumn in dry weather. In view of koljuchesti a bush gathering by hands is inconvenient, therefore usually spread under a bush rjadno or a sacking and shake off, striking on branches a stick. Mature berries easily fall down.

    Dry berries on attics, but not in the furnace, then select and reject unripe berries and other impurity.

    Has diuretic action and stimulates appetite. The scientific medicine uses mozhzhevelnikovye berries as aromatic and a diuretic.

    The People use a juniper inside and naruzhno. At the external use to berries add also branches.

    Broth of berries drink at all kinds of diseases of kidneys (5,0 g on 1 glass of water), and naruzhno of broth of berries and branches with a tree (melkorublenyh) do baths at rheumatic pains; one branches disinfect premises in which there were infectious patients for what branches burn (decay) on hot coals.

    Use mozhzhevelnikovye berries at treatment of kidneys in small amounts, including their means irritating kidney (though diuretic effect high, but painful).

    To Hepatic patients recommend chewing of berries as it is recommended Knejpom more often. In the first day four berries carefully to chew, stones to spit out. The next days to 12 - 13th day to add on one berry daily then gradually to reduce on one berry to initial four. Such receptions mozhzhevelovyh berries improve appetite, promote removal of gases, render moderated zhelchegonnoe and action disinfecting bilious channels. So insignificant doses are useful and to kidneys and do not irritate them.

    Naruzhno use mozhzhevelovuju spirit tincture for vtiranija at rheumatism and gouty inflammations with tumours. At pains in an ear put in it the cotton wool which humidified mozhzhevelovym with spirit and has been carefully squeezed out.