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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Lamium album L.
    jasnotka a white, deaf nettle


    Russian names : jasnotka a white, deaf nettle; the Ukrainian: it is deaf kropiva біла; the Polish: jasnota biala, glucha pokrzywa, martwa pokrzywa.

    Family : Labiatae - gubotsvetnye.

    Lamium album - jasnotka a white, deaf nettle

    a Fig. 81. Lamium album - jasnotka a white, deaf nettle

    The Long-term grassy plant with long underground runaways and upright nevitvistymi stalks in height 30 - 60 sm, downy the hairs pressed to a stalk. Leaves (remind nettle leaves, but not burning, whence the name "уыѕ§р  ъЁряштр") is heart-shaped-oval, petiolar, pilchatye. Flowers are located mutovkami in bosoms of leaves. Nimbuses white or zheltovato white, outside shaggy, dvugubye. Blossoms since May till the autumn. Grows more often compact files in gardens, in shady places, about dwellings and fences, on weed places, and also in bushes and woods. It is extended everywhere, but non-uniformly.

    Collect mainly nimbuses of colours, pulling out them from cups (but not fallen down on the earth), together with all plant.

    Dry in a shade on a paper.

    All plant of a deaf nettle along with a three-coloured violet , a train and wild strawberry leaves use inside as tea (in a kind napara) at zolotuhe, furunkuleze, spots, rashes to etc. - in all those cases where it is necessary "юёшЁхэшх ъЁютш" and, besides, at an anaemia at young men, at chronic nephritic diseases and at illnesses of a spleen. Flowers use also at matochnyh illnesses and illnesses of lungs and throats.

    For napara take 1 table spoon of colours or the crushed all plant on 1 glass of boiled water. Accept 3 times a day on 1 glass.

    At beljah women do hot irrigatsii twice a day of broth of the following mix: colours of a deaf nettle white - 2 table spoons, omely - 1 spoon, an oak bark - 1 spoon, colours of a camomile - 1 spoon, rose-petals - 1 spoon, a root medunitsy - 1 spoon, grasses zveroboja - 2 spoons. All mix, fill in 1,5 l of crude cold water and put on fire. Boil on weak fire of 20 minutes, considering from the boiling beginning, put aside, half an hour soars still and filters. Syringing do by hot broth.

    Storage . The grass of a deaf white nettle is stored in boxes, in laid out by a paper, and by flowers - in densely closed boxes.