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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Ledum palustre L.
    Labrador tea marsh
    (A plant poisonous)


    the Russian name : a Labrador tea; the Ukrainian: bagno; the Polish: bagno zwyczajne, swinie bagno.

    Family : Ericaceae - vereskovye.

    Ledum palustre - a Labrador tea marsh

    a Fig. 91. Ledum palustre - a Labrador tea marsh.

    Branchy evergreen a straight line kustarnichek, height 50 - 120 sm with strong odurjajushchim, reminding camphor, a smell. Leaves kozhistye, linearly-oblong, with the bent edges, pointed, next, in the winter not falling down. The flowers collected in multifloral brushes on tops of branches, white, are more rare the reddish. Blossoms in May-June. Grows on riding bogs, in damp pine woods, on kochkovatyh meadows. It is extended in a wood zone. In chernozemnoj to a zone meets seldom.

    Collect a plant during flowering, srezyvaja branches in that part where leaves begin, and, connecting them in bunches, dry, suspending on attics.

    The Labrador tea very popular national herb which finds demand even in those districts where it usually does not grow. The people do not consider it especially as a poisonous plant.

    First of all, this favourite national plant used for treatment of pets, especially pigs, at their any illnesses. To cows give plant broth at a swelling, to horses - after opoja and at gripes, add in a swill to pigs at epidemic and other diseases.

    Tea from a Labrador tea - 25,0 g on 1 l of boiled water - accept on a half-glass 5 - 6 times a day at cold, at rheumatism, at a bronchial asthma, and it is considered that such tea gives not only time simplification at painful cough and a short wind, but also cures at long (weeks two) using it.

    It is considered that for such protivoastmaticheskogo tea it is good to add at tea leaves of a Labrador tea 15,0 more g small cut leaves of a nettle small (Urtica urensL.). This tea drink for all the day, and in the evening again make a portion next day.

    The Same tea give on 1 teaspoon some times in day to children at especially strong attacks of a whooping cough.

    At rheumatism and at an ache do ointment for vtiranija: 1 part of small cut blossoming Labrador tea and 1 part small cut a root chemeritsy mix with 3 parts of the kindled pork fat. All put it at 12 o'clock in the warm furnace or an oven (it is impossible to lead up to boiling), then take out, filter in bank and fasten a paper. The same ointment use for skin greasing at an itch and pediculosis.

    In some districts napar a Labrador tea accept in the people at infectious epidemic diseases as medical and a prophylactic, and in places consider it, almost as universal medical means. Kabatchiki on villages once drew a Labrador tea in moonshine to stun drinking and to get at it money.

    The Powder of leaves of a Labrador tea or its branches shift clothes in chests for protection it from ask.

    Storage . It is considered what to store a Labrador tea is better in iron densely closed boxes, but store it also in bunches in a paper, in chests, in cases, etc.